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Why Printers Users Think That Their Ink Cartridge Exploded!


Printer users, sometimes, witness spilled ink below their printer. It makes them believe that the ink cartridges inside their printer have exploded. It happens to almost all printer users who have been working hand-in-hand with their printers for long. Most consumers believe that they printer has gone too old that’s why it’s not working properly [...]

Continuous ink System Offered By

Dec-23rd-2013, all under one roof printing solution provider, also delivers continuous ink system to its customers. It is a salutary system that is also known as an automatic ink refill system, commonly. There is a mechanism that maintains the supply of ink in the ink cartridges of your printer. It is quite a useful utility [...]

Chip Resetter for use with Ink cartridges


As we know that many inkjet printers have chips in their cartridges and it sometimes becomes expensive to buy original or Remanufactured cartridges. People refilling their cartridges find this device very useful. Some printers like Canon and Epson give you an option to reset the same original chip using a chip resetter. It will lower [...]

Website Vs. Local Store: Where to Buy Ink Cartridges?


For printer users, it seems like a baffling point, whether they should buy ink cartridges from a website or from a local store. Both are the places, where you can get your printer ink supplies. But, which one of these two is more convenient, check out the following points – Price: It is a common [...]

What To DO if Brother Printer Ink Level Blinks Empty Even After Replacing


In  a few cases, Brother laser printers keep on showing that there no ink inside your Brother Laser Toner Cartridges, even if you have just replaced it with new ones. Most printer experts says that it happens when a user tries to install a low priced duplicate set of cartridges. But, such cases have also [...]

Why Should You Use Compatible HP Ink Cartridges?


For all the HP printer users, compatible HP ink cartridges are a cheaper option of printing. The prices of original HP cartridges are quite high. Normal home users do not find any point in buying the original ones. If compared, compatible HP ink cartridges are much cheaper than original ones, and home users do not [...]