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My Ink Colors are Not Printing Correctly


If the colors you are printing are not coming out correctly (for example, your prints are too pink, or too blue, or too green, or simply not looking like what they are intended to look like), the first suspect should be your printheads.  Printheads can be on the printer, or or on the cartridge, and [...]

Is All Epson Ultrachrome Ink Made the Same?


Epson Ultrachrome ink gives more vivid colors but you cannot use the same ink for all printer models that use “ultrachrome” ink because they have different ink specifications and colors. For example, the Epson 4000, R1800 and workforce 4530 all use “ultrachrome ink”. However, there are differences in the ink formulations. The epson 4000 printer [...]

How to Clean Printheads in an Inkjet Printer


For printers that have print-heads in the printer (this applies to all Epson, all Brother, all Kodak, and some HP/Canon/Lexmark/Dell printers), your printer comes with a print-head cleaning function. Printheads can get clogged when ink residue dries up, and this can happen with OEM (Original Brand Printer Ink) or compatible ink. The printer manufacturers know [...]

Compatibility of HP Ink Cartridges with Its Printers


Whether you run an office or you are an individual entrepreneur, if you need print outs on a frequent basis, then what would you do? Definitely, you will make search to buy a reliable printer. Do you know which printer is best or how to decide a printer for your requirement? There are a number [...]

Get Amazing and Affordable Printouts with HP Ink Cartridges


There are two types of requirements when it comes to print outs – one is a high quality print out and another is just a print out, quality does not matter. If your requirement is second one, you need just a print out and it for a short period of time and quality does not [...]

What to Consider Before Buying Epson Ink Cartridges Online?


If you have frequent printing requirement, then you have to rely on a printer than other sources. When it comes to a printer, a number of options are available in the market; you should go with a branded company. With the passage of time, the technology of Epson has developed to the great extent so [...]