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My cartridge says low ink or out of ink and I haven’t printed any or many pages yet!


All our re-manufactured cartridges are 100% filled to capacity, in all cases they are either filled to the same level as the original brand, or whenever possible (if space inside the cartridge permits), they are filled to a higher capacity than the originals. However, due to tactics and special programming by the printer manufacturers who [...]

Why does my printer need color cartridges installed if I only want to print black and white?


Unfortunately we do not know of any way to force a printer to print using only a black cartridge. There is a way to make a printer print only black and white (in the color settings), but the printer still needs a working set of all cartridges installed in order to operate. This is not [...]

How to make or save money with Epson ink cartridges


We all know saving is always pleasurable, but, what would be your reaction on this saying ‘there is cash in the trash’. Yes you read it right. When you buy an Epson printer, you are rest assured about to recieve plenty of benefits. Like you can either make or save your money by using a [...]

A Short description about Different ink cartridges


Excessive use of printing devices for quite a number of printouts gets the cartridge out of ink even before a standard duration. You, at that time, look for some resources of buying cartridge for your printer. Opting for original manufacturer is reasonably expensive option to you, so you can go with third party vendors available [...]

Toner: My Cartridge is Not Recognized


What does it mean when a toner cartridge is not being recognized by the printer? Some toner cartridges have chips, which send a signal to the printer to let the printer know how much toner is left in the cartridge. When a cartridge is refilled (or re-manufactured), the cartridge may not always have the ability [...]