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3D Printers- The True Versatility for Next Generation Printing


Printing techniques have undergone radical transformations during the past years. A vast number of dramatic technological innovations have added ample characters and dimensions to the field of printing culture. Computer printing has already come a long way and has already moved through several stages of innovation, from the first batch of dot matrix printer to common use non-impact printers- inkjet, laser and thermal-transfer. The Internet is providing various ways of utilizing the printed word that add better opportunities and new possibilities to print’s role.

Essentially, printers have been used for two-dimensional printing needs. Presently, the rising demand of 3D printers has motivated the minds of an increasing number of people, and most users are taking the advantage of this mainstream printer. 3D printers are far too expensive and are deliberate to produce at the speed necessary to complete commercial operation. Just consider the rapid advancements in computing over the last decade.

While the improved technology of 3D printing has actually been around for the last few years, it has now become a mostly sought after device, as prices for this device fell dramatically. The technology used is now more advanced and compact, especially in plastic inkjet printing. The latest models of 3D printers are “more ideal for personal use”, as declared by Cathy Lewis, vice president of International marketing at 3D Systems Inc. Additionally, 3D projects are now easy to design, with the help of free tools as Google Sketch Up and Solid Works.

The implementation of professional tools are, however, not so easy to use. So, computer aided design software manufacturers are reacting by introducing solid modeling tools for 3D creation and by offering 3D objects that enable users to have proficiency to tackle design intricacies.

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