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Where To Buy Fine Quality Printer Inks At Cheaper Cost?


Branded ink cartridges are always known for being too pricey for daily use but once you switch to the clone inks and re-manufactured toner cartridges or ink cartridges, you will understand how smart an investment it is. Toner cartridges are produced using smart valve technology that produces smaller dots but you can find clone inks [...]

Make Way for Better Printing Result with High Quality Printer Ink


Printer Inks are specially formulated to be used on printers. The quality of printing output depends on the type of ink used along with other things that are needed in the printing process. The quality of printer ink used in the process will be reflected in the final product. Printer ink is basically made from [...]

Online Purchase of Bulk Ink Saves You Money in the Long Run


Buying anything in bulk is a great way to save money since it saves you money from regular purchase. Printer Ink cost have touched the ceiling and saving money on the expense can reduce your budget and can help you save a lot of money at the end of the year. This is indeed, a [...]

Continuous Ink Systems are the Most Cost-Effective Printer Solutions


Continuous Ink System or CIS has been around since the last few years and their popularity began to increase with time. Originally, this ink supply system was introduced to cut the cost of printing over regular expenses and considering its advantages, CIS is being improved to make it compatible for most popular printer makes and [...]

Printer Ink- The Essence of Your Printer


If you are running out of Ink in your printer cartridge, then it is advisable that you should use original Printer Ink. The ink is readily available in the form of toner refills which will save you a lot of money. Original ink offers more precise prints as compared to the conventional ones. You must [...]

Rely on Ink Refills for Viable Printing


Refilling the printer cartridge with original ink will ensure that you get high quality prints. Ink Refills are the perfect option for your printers if you are looking to save some money on the Original Cartridges. But it is advisable that one must use a refill from the original company otherwise it may hamper the [...]

Vacuum Retained Cartridge


These cartridges are able to retain the ink inside due to a slight vacuum. The ink starts leaking the moment the vacuum is lost. The vacuum retained inkjet cartridges are complex in design and less common, mostly made by Hewlett-Packard. It can require a small modification when refilling such as using; hot glue, screw, or [...]

Uni Color Cartridges


Different from multi-color ink cartridges which have three chambers holding; Cyan, Magenta, Yellow ink based colors. The uni-Color ink Cartridge only has one chamber. There are two basic cartridge designs namely, uni-color and tri-color.As the name suggests the uni-color cartridge holds ink of a single color, whereas the tri-color cartridges hold three different colors. The [...]

Multi Color cartridges


Cartridges which have multiple chambers are known as multi-color ink cartridges. These types of cartridges can create the rainbow colors based on four main colors; black, cyan, magenta, and yellow. Among all, the multi-color cartridge can be problematic when refilling. Each chamber holds a different color of ink. The printer is intelligently designed to spray [...]

What to do when you have encountered a paper jam


The sight of paper jams makes us feel doomed. Printer jams are inevitable but definitely not irreparable. Here’s how you can get over your nightmare of “paper jams”. 1. Turn the printer off: After a pause of few minutes turn it back on. Some printers tend to clear the jam during the start-up cycle. In [...]