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Continuous Ink Systems are the Most Cost-Effective Printer Solutions


Continuous Ink System or CIS has been around since the last few years and their popularity began to increase with time. Originally, this ink supply system was introduced to cut the cost of printing over regular expenses and considering its advantages, CIS is being improved to make it compatible for most popular printer makes and models. It is the most efficient and convenient ink supply method that offers users the opportunity to complete large scale printing jobs without the tension of ink running out. With this option, you can make a saving of more than 90% on the cost of purchasing new Ink Cartridges and the print quality is also unblemished. CIS comes with full range of colors as available in cartridges.

Continuous Ink System is installed outside the printer that supplies ink to the printing head through ink tubes that come attached to the unit. Ink containers attached outside are clear, making it visible when ink has been running low and need to be refilled soon. This option is considered an eco-friendly option since it stops throw away of empty cartridges and it is a perfect alternative to original consumables. Each unit has a user manual provided with it and the instruction from the manufacturer stating whether the unit is compatible with the particular printing device.

There are wide varieties of CIS kits available in the market- both online and office supply stores. However, identifying the perfect kit for your printer requires time and good research. Overall, this option is the most useful and cost-effective method for consumers over expensive OEM Cartridges.

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