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Make Way for Better Printing Result with High Quality Printer Ink


Printer Inks are specially formulated to be used on printers. The quality of printing output depends on the type of ink used along with other things that are needed in the printing process. The quality of printer ink used in the process will be reflected in the final product.

Printer ink is basically made from the combination of dyes or pigments and other compositions that together constitute the formation of ink. These combinations ensure that the ink produced matches the perfect specification of OEM ink.

Printer inks are either dye based or pigment based. Dye based inks are comparatively brighter in color and can produce sharp results. These inks come with a shelf life that makes it possible to be stored for long periods of time. However, one of the drawbacks of dye based inkjet inks is that they take time to penetrate and usually take more time for drying. Since the ink drying time is not fast, they often tend to blur when handles right away after printing. On the other hand, pigment based inkjet ink are light, waterproof and fade resistant. They come with quick drying feature. Thus, pigment based inks dry faster than the dye based inks and is perfect for color ink as they prevent smudging or blurring. The common objective of most printer ink manufacturer is to develop ink that is durable, fade resistant and waterproof and has the ability to print on any surface. Before making any purchase of printer inks should be checked for compatibility with the Ink Cartridge.

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