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Multi Color cartridges


Cartridges which have multiple chambers are known as multi-color ink cartridges. These types of cartridges can create the rainbow colors based on four main colors; black, cyan, magenta, and yellow. Among all, the multi-color cartridge can be problematic when refilling.

Each chamber holds a different color of ink. The printer is intelligently designed to spray the right combination of inks in dots of magenta, cyan, black, and yellow to create picturesque and vibrant images.

The modern day printers are installed with multi-color cartridges that deliver superb image quality and produce smudge free, water resistant, and fade resistant prints. The multicolor cartridges are designed in a way to prevent leaking of one color into another color-chamber. They are ideal for dual-sided printing and deliver durable prints.

The multi-color Ink cartridges usually do not run out of ink in each chamber at the same time. So you are required to fill only that color which runs out. Only one color-chamber is filled at a time. The chamber containing the ink which is required to be filled should be left open, while the other chambers should remain closed. This is done in order to prevent contamination of the other chambers with the ink-color you are refilling.

Some graphics software are installed with certain settings for C/Y/M/K (cyan, yellow, magenta, and black), you can change these settings in case you are experiencing cross-color contamination.

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