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Simple tips to achieve eye-catching photos at home


If you think your home PC is not capable enough to deliver quality photos, you are definitely mistaken. You can enjoy digital printing at home by just brushing up these tips. These will certainly save you a run to photo labs. Adjust the resolution: The higher the resolution, the more realistic and vivid your photos [...]

Easy to-do steps to set up wireless printing


Trying to fold those messy cable wires is very tire-some. Wireless printing is a way out of that mess. All you are required to do is simply establish a connection between your computer and the printer and enjoy printing while sitting anywhere in your office or home. These three steps can lead you to effortlessly [...]

A battle between Pigment inks and Dyes


To begin with the technical details, dye-based inks are liquid soluble whereas pigments are color providing solid particles that remain suspended in ink. The good quality about dye-based ink is they provide more vibrancy as compared to pigments, however, in case of any spillage the dyes tend to get dissolved leaving behind a sloppy print. [...]

Curb Your Printing Costs


Are you pondering over saving some money on your printing bills? Well, to end your distress, here are a few tips which will help you to achieve your goal. • Smartly choose your printer:Few low priced printers might succeed in fetching your attention but such low cost machines can turn out to be expensive…much against [...]

Konica Minoltas New MFP Series Bizhub 654 and 754


Konica Minolta releases bizhub 654 and 754 printers into the market. With speeds up to 60ppm in color and 75ppm in monochrome, the printers will not only save you lots of times, but will also save a substantial amount of money as well. MPF printer series are an all in one system for performing various [...]

How can Static Electricity Kill Your Smart Chip?


Toner and inkjet smart chips are just similar to any other computer component. Make sure you store it properly and in a safe place, out of static areas. Static, like electricity, can damage a chip where it is not wanted. Every time when you open the casing of the computer and the internal parts are [...]

Paper Bonds to Ink as it Dries- The Perfect Paper Type for that Perfect Job


Before you start using any compatible product, make sure to consider what kind of paper you are using with your printer. Ink acts as a magnet, and if you use the right kind of ink, the paper accepts it and bonds with it. But, if you choose the wrong paper, it will end up with [...]

Google Cloud Printing- The Next Generation Printing System


Printing is no longer limited to just your home or work. With Google cloud printing you can take the opportunity to print anywhere from any device connected to the web. Google Cloud Print is a boon to the printing world. Having equipped with the latest technology, it allows you to connect your printers to the [...]

Universal Ink Refills Still have Strong Market Demand


People who want to save money on their printing supplies may consider refilling those old empty cartridges. Not only refilling will reduce the operational costs of the inkjet printers in the market, but this will also benefit the environment by encouraging recycling and reusing of empty cartridge. However, not all cartridge refill kits are going to [...]

Changing or Resetting Chips Make Canon Ink Refills Easy


Refilling your own ink cartridges is a better way to keep the printing cost down without compromising the print quality. Most cartridges can be refilled up to two to three times before they are completely exhausted, and some can handle even more. However, manufacturers like Canon and others have equipped their ink cartridges with smart [...]