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Simple tips to achieve eye-catching photos at home


If you think your home PC is not capable enough to deliver quality photos, you are definitely mistaken. You can enjoy digital printing at home by just brushing up these tips. These will certainly save you a run to photo labs.

Adjust the resolution: The higher the resolution, the more realistic and vivid your photos will be. Adjust the resolution as per your camera’s configuration. Check its instruction manual. For best results, choose the maximum photo size offered by your camera. Especially designed photo papers are available in matte and glossy finish which are used for printing photos.

Save your photos in the correct format: Most of us are aware of the fact that saving images in the correct format is an important tool for getting better prints. JPEG file format compresses the images that you want to post on the web or email to friends. However, TIFF format works well for printing purposes. Although it takes up more space on a memory card, but the output are of superior quality.

Adjust your printer’s settings: Inkjet printers offer a resolution of around 1200 x 1200 dpi (dots per resolution) and are best suited for graphics and vibrant prints. Most modern printers today have several options you can set before you print, including the type of paper, its size, and printing resolutions. Check your printer settings before you begin with the printing job. Ensure to adjust it to the highest to get the best results. It’s of utmost importance to alter the printer settings according to the paper type. Altering the settings has a great impact on the output.
Use the most recent drivers to maximize picture quality.

Adding special effects and spice up your photos: It’s fun to use the simple photo editing software which enables you to play with lighting and color, remove spots and red eyes, trim edges and polish your photos. Many free online tools you are available that will let you add that extra bling to your photos!

Leave your photos to dry: You have to give enough drying time to your photo prints before you put them in the frame. Optimum drying time is about a day, as this ensures smudge free, first-rate results.

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