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Uni Color Cartridges


Different from multi-color ink cartridges which have three chambers holding; Cyan, Magenta, Yellow ink based colors. The uni-Color ink Cartridge only has one chamber.

There are two basic cartridge designs namely, uni-color and tri-color.As the name suggests the uni-color cartridge holds ink of a single color, whereas the tri-color cartridges hold three different colors.

The internal sponges present in these cartridges holds the inks. The overall design of these cartridges is similar. The difference is in the number of chambers each cartridge has. The uni-colorcartridge contains either black ink or only one color ink. The tri-color cartridges have three chambers for cyan, magenta, and yellow.

The uni-color cartridges have a small hole on top, whereas the tri-color cartridges are closed with a red cap.
While refilling the uni-color Ink Cartridges, first you must dismantle the cartridge from the printer and place it on some paper or dry towel near your work spot.

Fill a syringe to around 15 ml.The uni-color cartridges are filled through a small hole on top. Ensure to insert the needle completely into the hole. Release the ink very slowly from the syringe and allow the sponge to absorb the ink completely. While injecting the ink, place the needle deep into the cartridge to avoid any air bubbles.

After refilling place the cartridge back into the printer. Run a test print to check if your print outs are neat.

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