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All about Replacing Brother Cartridges!


Most people, who have Brother laser printer, find it difficult to replace the Brother cartridge. So, here in this blog, we’d be giving easy to follow instructions, for replacing the toner cartridges of your Brother laser printer. Below is given a step-by-step process of changing empty Brother Cartridges –

Step one – If you doubt whether the toner cartridge of your printer is out or not, the most simple way to check it is the printer software. Most advanced and updated printer support applications warn users when the ink is running empty. Alternatively, one can check the same at the LCD, liquid crystal display of the printer – it will show that the cartridge is out of ink or is about to go empty. In most technology rich printers, an ink meter can be found at the top, which displays the level of ink.

Step two – Switch off and plug out the printer power cord, and lift the cover of the printer.
Step three – Now, pull out the toner cartridge from it, with a gentle hand. (Tip: It will be inky, and your hands might get messed up with the ink. Therefore, you can use a clean dusting cloth, to remove the cartridge. It is also advisable to have a polythene bag, right next to you for dumping the empty cartridge.)

Step Four – Clean, if you see any signs of dust over it. And open the fresh packet of cartridges, and install it into the cartridge case, without applying too much force. Fix it properly, and insert it into the printer.
It is quite an easy process, and anyone can do it without any special technical knowledge.

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