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How to Refill Canon 41 Ink Cartridges with Ink Refills?


You can use Canon 41 ink cartridges and refills with the printers of Canon PIXMA series. The price of original Canon CL41 ink cartridges is extremely tall. To bring some splashes of affordability, we have brought in the ink refill kit for Canon 41 color cartridges. Our kit is a great substitution, and is made to offer superior printing results. Our refill ink bottles contain cyan, magenta, yellow and black inks, which you can fill into your empty Canon 41 ink cartridges.

Demonstrated below is a methodical process that will guide you in using our refill ink –

Place an old newspaper on the floor – When you refill your empty ink canon cartridges, some amount of ink can tumble over the floor. It is, hence, very important to lay a double or triple layered paper sheet on the floor, otherwise it will be very difficult for you to clean the mess, spread by the inks of the refill kit. If you are doing it on your table, then also it is advised to lay the paper. And yes, do not forget to handy a dusting cloth with you, while refilling your cartridges.

Fill the ink into the syringe – Now, plug out the cartridges from your printer, and put them on the paper, meanwhile fill the syringe with the desired ink from the bottle.

Find the puncture on the cartridge – Remove the brand sticker, and find the hole on the top surface of the cartridge. Use the dusting cloth to clean any sign of dust and dirt on it.

Fill the ink into the Cartridge – Now, carefully insert the needle into the cartridge through the hole, and start pushing the syringe to release the ink. Do not apply too much force on the syringe; do it at a snail’s pace.

Repeat the last step with other inks and cartridges. Now, place back the cartridges into your printer, after cleaning the dripped ink with dusting cloth.

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