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Improving the Quality and Performance of Canon MX340 Ink Cartridge


Canon Pixma MX 340 is a high-quality inkjet printer that effortlessly prints excellent image graphics and documents. Although, this printer and its cartridges are designed to meet your printing requirements, but at times, so many users have complained that they are not very much contented with the quality. I have tried to suggest a few methods that will boost up the performance of your printer and its cartridges.

Place Your Printer In Clean Environment – It is the foremost step, which your should always follow. By placing your Canon Pixma printer in a clean, dust free upbringing, you can maintain and increase the efficiency of your original branded printer. In addition, you should ensure that the place is moisture-free, as humidity is a prevalent factor, which affects the performance of your printer.

Set The Print Speed – You should set the print speed to the highest quality setting. Print speed setting icon can be found at the control panel of your printer. If you are getting overly color-saturated prints, then you need to increase the print speed, and if you are getting overly faded print resolutions, then you should lessen the print speed. If you aren’t sure, what to do, you should choose the reset option.

Use Non Brand Papers – However, the printer companies always suggest their consumers to use branded papers to achieve finest printing experience, but non-brand papers are best at keeping the cost low, and giving you smooth printing experience.

Blocked nozzles – It is one of the key problems, witnessed by printer users. You need to keep your printer away from dust. You should cover it with a long paper or polythene sheet.

Receive Updates – Canon often releases important software updates, which you should accept and install on your computer. It will enhance the competence of your canon mx340 ink cartridges.

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