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Installing A Fresh Canon CLI-226Y Ink Cartridge Into The Printer


Canon CLI-226Y

Do you any face troubles while re-installing the ink cartridges in your printer? It often is a mess to place the fresh set of cartridges in your printer.

For instance, if you have a Canon CLI-226Y printer, it is always suggested that you should only original Canon CLI-226Y ink cartridges with it, otherwise, something else (fake ones) may damage your printer.

So, the ink from the cartridge of your computer has run out, and you have purchased a fresh set of replacement cartridges, but are confused over the right method of installing in. Following are the steps, which will ease your whole process.

Step 1- Open the printer by raising the cover of your printer. In the process, make sure that the power plug is not connected to the switch box. It is important for two reasons, firstly it avoids electricity shock, and secondly, if the power plug will have running supply, the printer will not allow you to remove the cartridges from it. After opening the printer cover, the printer cartridge cradle will move to its right, and wait for it to stop and be silent.

Step 2 – Unhook the cartridges from the cartridge cases by pressing the lever/latch over it, slide out the cartridges.

Step 3 – Take the fresh cartridge, remove its plastic cover (if any), and place it inside the printer. Make sure that the copper strip is downwards, and the contact faces the printer.

Important - You should never attempt to remove the copper strip from the cartridge.

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