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Photo Printing Fun: The Canon PIXMA Photo Advantages


The age of digital photo technology has brought high pixel, high quality photography into almost every home. Amazing digital cameras and phone cameras have made taking high-resolution photographs something we all do daily. Most homes also have access to a personal printer that can be used not just for text anymore, but also for printing out high quality copies of the moments we capture and wish to share with each other or display around our homes.  However, some printer models and printer cartridges have advantages over others. Not all printers or corresponding inkjet cartridges are designed for the best quality photo printing.

Canon PIXMA MG5220Canon PIXMA MG5220 cartridges are affordable inkjet cartridges that specialize in producing higher than average, quality printouts of all your digital photographs whether needed for family, school, or even business. The particular printer model that pairs with the cartridges uses five ink cartridges – one black and four color cartridges. This is one more than usually found in inkjet printers and thus adds an extra layer of vibrancy to your images.

In addition to an extra element of color, the Canon PIXMA MG5220 cartridges also have a higher nozzle count than standard inkjet cartridges. The black cartridge has 512 nozzles and the color cartridges have a combined 4,096 nozzles allowing for better ink saturation resulting in amazing photo print quality.

If you are a photo lover and enjoy printing your own images from the comfort of your own home, then Canon PIXMA MG5220 cartridges will enhance the quality of your prints and amaze your friends and family.  The printer cartridge and its design and performance can make all the difference when considering image quality and longevity. Keep your family memories vibrant and long lasting with Canon PIXMA MG5220 cartridges.


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