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Top 4 Inkjet Cartridges Seller In The Market


Inkjet printers are the most widely employed printer in world. These are low-cost, and far cheaper than laser printers. Almost all small and giant printer brands have their series of inkjet printers. These printers are generally used by home purposes. These are not suggested for office users, though there are a large number of small office individuals that use inkjets. Being the most used printer series, inkjet cartridges too sell like hotcakes in the market. Following are the top 5 most selling printer brands –

HP – Being the largest computer and hardware manufacturer in the world, Hewlett Packard aka HP sells the largest number of inkjet printers in the world. The company offers huge compilation of inkjet printers, and sells billions of cartridges every year, around the world.

Canon – Canon is world leading camera and imaging solution provider brand, which also manufactures high quality printers. Canon inkjet inks and toner, printers and multifunction devices are considered by those, who need super fine print resolutions. Canon also is one of five top selling inkjet cartridge selling brands.

Dell – Dell claims to provide the best printing solutions, and meets all its promises efficiently. And this is what makes them the second largest names in the printer and computer market.

Brother – Brother International Corporation is one of the oldest names in the industry, and being the oldest, they have maintained their reliability and credibility, because of which, they fall among the top printer cartridge selling brands on the planet.


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