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Chip Resetter for use with Ink cartridges


As we know that many inkjet printers have chips in their cartridges and it sometimes becomes expensive to buy original or Remanufactured cartridges. People refilling their cartridges find this device very useful. Some printers like Canon and Epson give you an option to reset the same original chip using a chip resetter. It will lower down your cost in refilling as there in no need to buy the chips again and again. Chip Resetters will only work with original chips. They can reset the chips endless number of times. Uni-Kit Chip Resetters are battery operated and function in a way that you need to apply it to the chip and within seconds the red light which first glows when you turn on the device and when the light turns green it means that the chip has been reset. Chip resetters are helpful in reducing the costs of refilling.


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