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Lexmark and Dell Ink Cartridges should be Avoided if Possible


The downside to owning a Dell printer is the cost and the availability of their ink. Overall, Dell or Lexmark printers are the most expensive inkjet printers to operate, which must be considered by every printer users. Precisely, Dell is most likely one of the worst choices based on ink availability. They use ink cartridges that are not compatible with any other brands of printer and to find the cartridges, they are the only place to get them. If your cartridges run out of ink and you need it quickly, you would have to order it from the company and have it shipped. Although, you are guaranteed with the fastest shipping, you would still have to wait more than a day or so. Moreover, Lexmark is not as extensively supported as HP, Canon and other leading brands, so you should ensure that your local shop carries a range of Lexmark and Dell ink cartridges before choosing one of the models, and if not then stay away from this product.

One of the other reasons why it is not a good idea to choose a Dell printer is because of its expensive cartridge cost. Also, the cartridges are not refilling friendly. It is true that almost every Dell inkjet printer has comparatively much smaller printer ink cartridge. This means that the cost of printer ink would be much more especially in the long-term perspective. Due to little cartridge capacity you need to frequently buy inks which end up with greater expenses. However, the ultimate decision of purchasing a Dell printer is only yours.


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