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Is All Epson Ultrachrome Ink Made the Same?


Epson Ultrachrome ink gives more vivid colors but you cannot use the same ink for all printer models that use “ultrachrome” ink because they have different ink specifications and colors. For example, the Epson 4000, R1800 and workforce 4530 all use “ultrachrome ink”. However, there are differences in the ink formulations.

The epson 4000 printer is a basic wide format printer, this is a older model so the ink price is lower.

The R1800 is a 8 color printer with special colors like red, green and optimizer. The color density and color gamut is different than the other printers. Also, the materials used for these special colors are more expensive.

The workforce 4530 is a desktop 4 color printer that prints faster than other epson models so the ink for this model is different becuase it needs to meet the technical specifications of the printer.

The ink for wide format, desktop & printers with special colors is not the same due to their technical ink specifications such as surface tension, viscosity and color density.

In order to get the best printing results and to avoid any problems such as printhead clogging, it is recommended to use the specific ink for each model.

Uni-Kit offers compatible ink for each of the Ultrachrome printers.

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