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Advantages of Laser Printer and Laser Toner Cartridges


If you take large number of printouts every day, and what you have is an inkjet printer, then surely it is not suggested that that you should keep on using it. Inkjet printers are best for personal users for occasional printing. But if yours is a office or you need plenty of printouts per day, then you may move to laser printer.

Laser printers though are much expensive, but only initially. The price of printer and cartridge is more than the price of Inkjets, but the per page printing cost is far less than that of inkjets as the laser toner cartridges give more number of prints than the inkjet cartridges.

In addition to, if you want to further reduce the per page printing, you can use laser toner refill kits with your original laser toner cartridge. Ink refills will extravagantly reduce the printing cost. These refill kits are available in the market and on different web-portals. One thing that you should make sure while buying these kits is you have buy only compatible ink refills for your brand and series of printer cartridge. For example: if you have HP CF210, then you must buy HP laser toners refills for HP CF210 only.

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