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Dec-23rd-2013, all under one roof printing solution provider, also delivers continuous ink system to its customers. It is a salutary system that is also known as an automatic ink refill system, commonly.

There is a mechanism that maintains the supply of ink in the ink cartridges of your printer. It is quite a useful utility for medium and large offices, where they have to print handsome number of pages every day.

The cartridges of printers are small in size, it is not at all practical to fill a large amount of ink in it, and the ink goes out every often. By using continuous ink apparatus, printer dwellers can stay in touch with the ink, and take as much number of prints as they want.

Continuous Ink System
Manufactured by third parties, these nonstop printing kits have containers of the inks for the cartridges of your printer. These containers, with a heavy quantity of ink, maintain the supply of ink to cartridges. These bottles have ink for about 7-8 cartridges – which means continuous printing for months. These ink containers are connected to the cartridges through tubes (thin rubber pipes). There is created a vacuum that sucks the ink from the containers, automatically, and keeps the cartridges full.

Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS) from Re-inks
It comes with a sociable user manual. Anyone can fix it with his/her printer. We currently have Continuous Ink Supply System for Brother, Canon, and Epson printers. Available at quite reasonable rates, it certainly is a useful utility for you!

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