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Canon PIXMA MG5220 Cartridges: Is It Worth?


Compatible or re-manufactured cartridge is the best, cost effective replacement for original cartridge of your Canon printer. Canon PIXMA MG5220 cartridges are the best product in market but a third party invention is available with similar quality, size and results to the original one. The cartridges help you to give better accessibility to your Canon PIXMA printers and get exquisite printing results.

Features of Canon Printers & Cartridges:

  • The black gloss finish, it is relatively compact for an all-in-one model.
  • If you ask how to scan with Canon Pixma MG5220, the simple answer would be ‘it is very easy’ as it has one of the easiest-to-use interfaces that we’ve seen.
  • The main function buttons are well marked, either with text or self-explanatory symbols.
  • The model uses five ink cartridges, i.e. four dye-based cartridges (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) and one pigment-based cartridge (black).
  • With our 20-page text document using the standard print mode, the MG5220 completed the first page in 14.7 seconds.
  • It has two paper-input slots: a front cassette and rear tray.

If you are new to these cartridges, then do not worry about using them. Just follow the instruction giving on the packing of the product and install it within the printer by yourself. There is no need to go to shops or anywhere else for their installation. Apart from this, you will also get an alert when the ink will about to finish because these cartridges contains a chip that tells about the ink level with the product.

Some Troubleshooting Tips To Improve Remanufactured Canon Ink Cartridge’s Performance:

  • If the printer does not recognize the cartridge, remove the cartridge and gently wipe the electrical contacts of the cartridge. This is to remove the dust and residue that may have been blocking the electrical contacts from the printer.
  • Always perform printer cleaning cycle, deep cleaning, and alignment test after you install new ink cartridges in your printer. Print a few test pages to ensure proper ink flow and correct alignment.
  • If the printer still does not recognize Canon PIXMA MG5220 cartridges, try taking out the unrecognized cartridge, turn off the power on the printer and unplug the printer for about 30 to 60 seconds. Plug and power the printer back on and reinstall the cartridge and print.

Therefore, using a remanufactured cartridge help you to access your printer for a long period of time to get darken prints.

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