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How to Refill Hp Ink Cartridges


How To Refill Hp Ink CartridgesDo you own an HP Inkjet printer? You can use ink refill kits with your printer’ cartridges to reduce the per-page printing cost. If you use original HP inkjet ink replacements with your printer, you must be wasting a good amount of money in your printing expenses. By choosing to use ink refill kits for HP ink cartridges, you can ensure low-cost printing.

Print Quality – The quality of the printed documents, obtained through these ink refill kits, is not as poor as it seems like. Many of our consumers have accepted that they are very much satisfied with the quality of the prints. These inks are prepared under strict guidance of the ink industry professionals. These inks are made to give you the best printing results at lowest prices.

Page Yield – A number of refill ink customers have claimed that they are getting better page yield than that of branded cartridges. The casings of branded cartridges are not filled to the complete level. When you fill your cartridges with HP refills ink, you fill them properly, therefore, you get the better page yield.

How To Refill Your HP Ink Cartridge?

It is a step-by-step process, which you should calmly and carefully follow.


  • Keep surgical hand gloves (to avoid the ink on your hands), two dusting cloths ( clean the mess)
  • Lay a newspaper on the floor
  • Plug out cartridges from the printer
  • Remove the sticker from the cartridges
  • Fill the ink of desired color in syringe from the ink bottle
  • Find the hole, and slowly infuse the ink into the cartridge, very slowly
  • Wipe the spills and splashes of ink with the dusting cloth
  • Do not forget to cover the hole with a glued paper
  • Plug back the cartridges into your printer
  • And take the test print.
  • You are done!



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