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My cartridge says low ink or out of ink and I haven’t printed any or many pages yet!


All our re-manufactured cartridges are 100% filled to capacity, in all cases they are either filled to the same level as the original brand, or whenever possible (if space inside the cartridge permits), they are filled to a higher capacity than the originals.

However, due to tactics and special programming by the printer manufacturers who want to get you to buy only their original brand cartridges, some re-manufactured cartridges display a “low ink” or “out of ink” type message.

This message may appear due to firmware or software updates on your printer, and is due to the printer reading a chip on a cartridge that was once empty or close to empty (before it was re-manufactured). Printers can’t see inside the cartridge to know how much ink is left – they base their measurements on signals they receive from a chip on the cartridge. So if the cartridge was once empty or close to empty (as is always the case with a re-manufactured cartridge, since it is essentially a re-manufactured cartridge of a once used original cartridge), the printer may read that chip as “empty” or “low”. This does not indicate that the cartridge is defective or low or out of ink.  By ignoring and closing the message, you may continue using the cartridge. In many cases and whenever possible, our re-manufacturing processes utilize a method to “reset” the chips, or whenever possible, new chips are installed, so that our customers do not have to be concerned about this annoying “low ink” or “out of ink” message, but due to rapidly changing technology with printers, not every cartridge can be reset or have its chip replaced.

However, if we offer a cartridge for your printer, it means that it will work with your printer, so if you are getting a “low ink” or “out of ink” message early on in the cartridge’s usage, you can ignore it or close out the message and continue printing.

Here is a procedure that sometimes works to get a printer to override the chip level monitoring:

- Turn off your printer. Turn it back on and connect it to your computer using the USB cable.
- Click open the “Start” menu on your computer, then click on “Control Panel,” and double-click “Printer and Faxes
- Locate the icon of your printer along with its model number. Right-click this icon and click on “Properties” from the pop-up list.
- Click the “Services” tab and select “Service This Device.”
- Select the “Estimated Ink Level” tab. Click the option “Reset Ink Level.” The printer will then show a refreshed printer ink cartridge level for your printer.

(but remember, even if you can’t override it, you can close out of the error / low ink message and continue to print, knowing that the cartridge is filled to capacity before it is sold).

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