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Getting the Best Value for Money with Canon PIXMA MG5520 Cartridges


Canon revolutionizes the printing industry with its exceptional quality and affordable pricing. However, the printing cost may be expensive if you do a lot of printing job every now and then. If you are the kind of person who actually seeks for excellence in printing but at a cost that will rip you off, you [...]

What Printer Ink Refills Can Do?


Printer ink cartridges can surely be purchased online for your office or house printing supplies but when you have a cheaper option, is it fair to go with it? Being in the priciest generation till date, it is your duty to save money and original printer ink refills offer you such opportunity. We offer you [...]

Sleek Printer & Smooth Cartridges: Canon PIXMA


Canon PIXMA have made a name for itself as a series. It is great to see how amazingly the entire series of printers and ink cartridges both have turned out to be. The clients all over the place have amazing reviews to offer about the products. Canon PIXMA MG2120 cartridges in particular is chosen as [...]

Why Is The Range Of Canon PIXMA MG5220 Cartridges So Much In Demand?


We, at Re-Inks have become one of the ruling suppliers in the online market. We are analyzing from past couple of months that clients are demanding more and more Canon PIXMA MG5220 cartridges everytime. They generate prints by providing a digital image of any document by dropping the ink onto a paper or plastic with [...]

How Is Canon PIXMA MG2120 Ink Beneficial To Your Printer?


Canon is a brand which is not only popular for its printers but also for the printer supplies it provides in the market. Thus, to celebrate the quality of Canon, we, at Re-inks offer you a wide range of Canon PIXMA MG2120 ink. This ink is relatively new in the market because of the popularity [...]

How HP 950XL Black Cartridges Offers Excellent Printing Results


HP is known for superior printing and rich texts. The HP 950XL black inkjet printer cartridge offers excellent printing results at an economical price. With these black ink cartridges, you can have your documents and presentations look great and absolutely stunning. The black ink of the cartridge is fade resistant, so you can have the [...]

How to Open a New Ink Cartridge so That it doesn’t Leak


The best way to open an ink cartridge so that it doesn’t leak is as follows: (this applies to printer ink cartridges that look like the one below, which is similar for Epson and most Canon ink cartridges, and some Lexmark/Dell)                 First remove the tape that is [...]

My cartridge says low ink or out of ink and I haven’t printed any or many pages yet!


All our re-manufactured cartridges are 100% filled to capacity, in all cases they are either filled to the same level as the original brand, or whenever possible (if space inside the cartridge permits), they are filled to a higher capacity than the originals. However, due to tactics and special programming by the printer manufacturers who [...]

Why does my printer need color cartridges installed if I only want to print black and white?


Unfortunately we do not know of any way to force a printer to print using only a black cartridge. There is a way to make a printer print only black and white (in the color settings), but the printer still needs a working set of all cartridges installed in order to operate. This is not [...]

A Short description about Different ink cartridges


Excessive use of printing devices for quite a number of printouts gets the cartridge out of ink even before a standard duration. You, at that time, look for some resources of buying cartridge for your printer. Opting for original manufacturer is reasonably expensive option to you, so you can go with third party vendors available [...]