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Website Vs. Local Store: Where to Buy Ink Cartridges?


For printer users, it seems like a baffling point, whether they should buy ink cartridges from a website or from a local store. Both are the places, where you can get your printer ink supplies. But, which one of these two is more convenient, check out the following points –

Price: It is a common factor that matters for home and small-office users. They go with the one, who offers cartridges at reasonable and economical rates. Local shops and stores get their stock from the distributor, who gets his stock from a super distributor, who directly buys his stock from the company. The sales margin gets reduced for local stores. On the other hand, websites directly buy their supplies from the company at marginal rates. Therefore, we at, offer heavy discount offers, which are far less than the prices offered by your local distributor.

Originality: Because of less monetary margins, local deals get involved in fake products to earn extra penny. But online websites never get into such immoral things. They are a registered business, and if a user finds any discrepancy in a product, he/she can ask for the money back from the website (one needs to check the money back policy of the company).

Based on afore-given comparison: you can learn that websites could be a better place to buy Ink Cartridges. There are many other benefits of making the purchase from a website, which will be elaborated in our upcoming posts!

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