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Why Printers Users Think That Their Ink Cartridge Exploded!


Printer users, sometimes, witness spilled ink below their printer. It makes them believe that the ink cartridges inside their printer have exploded. It happens to almost all printer users who have been working hand-in-hand with their printers for long.

Most consumers believe that they printer has gone too old that’s why it’s not working properly with the cartridges. Allow us to reveal some facts related to cartridge explosion in the printer. Basically, there are two reasons for the outflow of ink from your printer; check out the following passages

Improper Refilling: It is the sole reason behind the leakage of ink from the cartridges. People go with the ink refill kit option to attain low-cost printing. If the correct way of refilling has not been optimized, the ink might seep out from the cartridge case and printer. Novices generally fill the cartridges hastily. In this route of action, they inject the surplus amount of refill ink into the cartridges, which makes them think of cartridge explosion, after wards.

Long Working Printer: It also happens to printers, serving you since ages. There is a sponge in the lower deck of printers. The sponge is there to soak the spilled ink from the cartridges. When sponge baths with liquid more than its capacity, it starts releasing ink – most printer users think of this as if the cartridges have exploded.

To avoid such conditions, it is advisable to use only premium quality printer ink supplies, produced by a reputable manufacturer. As ever, you witness the ink outflow, you should get the sponge replaced.

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