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Save Money – Get Better Printing Experience


Use Remanufactured Kodak 1550532 Ink Cartridges       If you use a Kodak printer, which are known for the excellent image printing quality, we can understand the pain that you feel every time you go for the cartridge replacement. Using original print cartridges has become very expensive, and one can not afford buying a [...]

Low Cost Kodak 1550532 Ink Cartridges Assure High Performance Output


Many online retailers are offering compatible inkjet cartridges to replace the Kodak 1550532 pigment black ink cartridge for your Kodak printer. This compatible cartridge is exclusively designed for your Kodak printer and can effective replace the original Kodak Ink Cartridges. The ink cartridges from reputed retailers are manufactured entirely from new parts, and utmost care [...]

Kodak ESP 5250- The Latest Development in the Range of Inkjet Printers


The year 2009 witnessed developments in inkjet printer range. The manufacturers released new models to update their product lines ranging from home-use, small office or home office printers, multifunction printers and even wide-format printers. Kodak, the leading inkjet printer manufacturer, released new printer models to add to their assortment. The company’s recent introduction to the [...]

Get Advanced Productivity with Kodak ESP Office 2150 All-in-One Printer


Are you in the market to purchase a new Kodak all-in-one multifunctional printer? If yes, then Kodak ESP Office 2150 is the ultimate printer for your needs. This Kodak Wireless All-In-One Printer delivers you high quality documents in vivid colors for your work, presentations, and more. It offers reliable performance in just minutes. Plus, with [...]

Replacing Chips on Kodak 10 Printers


You may find yourself puzzled at times when you finally receive a replacement chip for your cartridge. You often wonder how to install it! Many people find themselves asking the same questions every other day. However, the truth is that it is actually very simple and a no brainer effort. Kodak has designed the chip [...]

Kodak is Bankrupt but still Doing Well in their Printer and Inkjet Cartridge Business


After a year of struggle in which some analysts considered Kodak to file for bankruptcy, it now seems to be turning a corner in the business of inkjet cartridge and printer division. The company is concentrating its efforts on printer sales and has been doing well. With the available cartridge option including the Kodak 10 [...]

Kodak Files for Bankrupt – Can They Successfully Rebound?


Is Kodak’s glorious days over? The days when Eastman Kodak Co. ruled the world of photography lasted for more than a century. Then came the most historic moment with turnaround of fortune, this icon of American business is edging towards extinction. Kodak filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy fortification last week, alarming the Kodak admirers that [...]

Kodak Ink Company Is on the Brink as Bankruptcy Rumors Float Around


A tepid resurgence has left many companies with crippling debt. The business report states that the photographic pioneer Eastman Kodak is facing financial difficulties. According to the report published this week in the Wall Street Journal, the company has planned to file for bankruptcy this month or perhaps in early February. Now, the company is [...]