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Kodak ESP 5250- The Latest Development in the Range of Inkjet Printers


The year 2009 witnessed developments in inkjet printer range. The manufacturers released new models to update their product lines ranging from home-use, small office or home office printers, multifunction printers and even wide-format printers.

Kodak, the leading inkjet printer manufacturer, released new printer models to add to their assortment. The company’s recent introduction to the market includes the “>Kodak ESP 5250. The ESP 5250 is a multifunction printer that has the capacity to print, copy and scan effectively from one unit. It is also considered to have a printing speed of 30 pages per minute, including color graphics and plain text documents. This new Kodak inkjet printer can connect using USB and Wi-Fi.

The Kodak ESP 5250 is one of the latest innovations in the range of printers produced by Kodak in line with the campaign to save ink launched by the company. This campaign is also known as Print and Prosper and is focused to boost Kodak printer sales by targeting audiences who are enthusiastic to save money on the cost of replacement inkjet cartridges. A five-chambered color cartridge come with Kodak ESP 5250 comprises of black, cyan, magenta and yellow inks. Photos look outstanding and have strong dark and light tones.

Although the printer does not have individual ink tanks, the ESP 5250 delivers very reasonably priced print costs, particularly when you match it with colored inks at the similar rate. So, with this new Kodak ESP, you can get unusually high-quality text and fast photo printing.

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