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Kodak is Bankrupt but still Doing Well in their Printer and Inkjet Cartridge Business


After a year of struggle in which some analysts considered Kodak to file for bankruptcy, it now seems to be turning a corner in the business of inkjet cartridge and printer division. The company is concentrating its efforts on printer sales and has been doing well. With the available cartridge option including the Kodak 10 and Kodak 30 inkjet cartridges, the company is still holding a better position in the market. After several years, the company is now placing into the market an easier way to print photos with its line of high quality printers and printer inkjet cartridges.

What’s unique about Kodak printer ink is its radical pigmented inkjet system that lets you save on your printer consumables. Kodak 10 and Kodak 30 are the specially formulated ink cartridges that can produce photos and documents with superb quality. It can either be used for personal, official or high-production purposes. The multi-color inkjet cartridges from Kodak have 5-ink color cartridge that can generate lively pictures and the cartridges are compatible to various printers.

Although, Kodak’s market for digital photography had slowly declined, the printer and inkjet cartridge business have helped the company to set its foot in the printing world. Kodak has always been introducing latest innovations in making Kodak printers and Kodak printer ink cartridges that meet up to the standards and demands of the consumers and are capable of producing the best printer and printer ink cartridge in the world.

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