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Replacing Chips on Kodak 10 Printers


You may find yourself puzzled at times when you finally receive a replacement chip for your cartridge. You often wonder how to install it! Many people find themselves asking the same questions every other day. However, the truth is that it is actually very simple and a no brainer effort. Kodak has designed the chip compartment to snap open like a small technical trap. This allows the OEM inks cartridges to come out and give you the opportunity to replace it with a new aftermarket product. This way you can replace the chip without any complications.

Kodak has made its cartridges (Kodak 10) dependent on the chips, particularly when your cartridge runs out of ink; the printer reads the error message from the chip that warns that the cartridge is empty. This gives you the error message until you get a new cartridge for your printer.

There are many companies that offer you compatible Replacement Chip for Kodak 10 to replace the OEM chip. These are basically aftermarket compatible chip for Kodak 10 cartridges, which can be installed on any Kodak cartridge and will allow your printer to identify the cartridge as filled with ink. New chip is required for each cartridge refill and doing this will help your printer to recognize the cartridge as “new”. This trick will allow you to print with your refilled cartridge just as though it is new!

These compatible replacement chips work efficiently on Kodak 3250/5100/5250/5300/5500, ESP 3/5/7/9 and all other Kodak printers that accept the Kodak 10 cartridges.

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