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Lexmark Firmware Update for MS/MX/CS printer series


Lexmark has been releasing new firmware on its MS/MX/CS printer series. The details are as follows: NO Printer Firmware Version Firmware Upgrades Dte 1 Lexmark MS310 LW20.PRL.P235 E309 2013.07.02 2 Lexmark MS410 LW20.PRL.P235 E309 2013.07.02 3 Lexmark MS510 LW20.PR2.P235 and Engine=E309. 2013.05.13 4 Lexmark MS610 LW20.PR2.P235 and Engine=E309. 2013.05.13 5 Lexmark MS812de LW30.DN7.P328 FDN.DN.E509 2013.11.06 [...]

Use Remanufacture Cartridges with Lexmark Printer


If you’re using a Lexmark printer with recycled/remanufactured cartridges, here’s something important for you. You need to evade new updates in order to keep on using your Lexmark printer with recycled/refilled cartridges. All firmware updates being given by Lexmark lock out the third party recycled cartridges. It is advised to the users of Lexmark printer [...]

Compatible Lexmark Prevail Pro705 Ink- Quality Products at Cheaper Price


Lexmark, one of the leading brands in the market, has designed a user-friendly device with all great features that everyone can install without any difficulty. User’s manual that come with the printer provide step by step instruction, but there is hardly a need to go through the instructions. It is true that Lexmark Ink Cartridges [...]

Lexmark 100 Black / Dell 21 Black Ink Cartridges Compatible with Dell Printers


Dell and Lexmark has a very strong anticipated relationship- Dell Printers are manufactured by Lexmark with maximum components of the printers looking very much similar and the cartridges are almost identical. Few selective groups of Dell printers are compatible with Lexmark 100 Black ink cartridges. This is true for Dell printer models including V313, P513V, [...]

Dell T0529 / Lexmark Ink Cartridges have Similar Specification


While both these ink cartridges Dell T0529 and Lexmark 10N0016 are identical in terms of shape, sensor and print head, the cap of the cartridge is different. In most cases, both these cartridges can work with selective models of Dell and Lexmark printers. The Dell T0529 is a black ink cartridge containing around 18 ml [...]

Lexmark and Dell Ink Cartridges should be Avoided if Possible


The downside to owning a Dell printer is the cost and the availability of their ink. Overall, Dell or Lexmark printers are the most expensive inkjet printers to operate, which must be considered by every printer users. Precisely, Dell is most likely one of the worst choices based on ink availability. They use ink cartridges [...]

Why Should You Consider Buying Other Brands than Lexmark?


There are number of benefits of owning a Lexmark printer, but there are also many more reasons why you should consider buying another brands. The main reason is that the Lexmark ink that you will need to maintain a Lexmark printer can be pretty expensive. The negative aspect of a Lexmark ink cartridges is its [...]

Remanufactured Lexmark 100XL Ink Cartridges Provide You More for Less


Remanufactured Lexmark 100XL ink cartridges are available at lower cost. These cartridges are capable of providing quality prints and yield as many pages as the OEM brand offers; however you may face some issues when using these cartridges. This is because the remanufactured ink cartridges come with chips installed which were previously used with new [...]

Lexmark 1 (18C078) – One Printer Cartridge for a Series of Lexmark Printer


Generally, most printers use both black and color cartridges side by side. HP inkjet printer is most likely to use two cartridges- black and white. Also brands like Brother, Epson and Canon printer may use ink cartridges of multiple colors which you can purchase separately or as a set. But with Lexmark printer models, such [...]

Lexmark Ink- High Quality Printer Ink for Optimal Results


Lexmark is one of the greatest manufacturers of high quality printers and the company has become a market leader in the printer ink industry. The company presently offers a wide range of inkjet printers, laser printers and photo printers. Consumers are attracted to Lexmark because of their combination of high quality output, superior performance and [...]