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Use Remanufacture Cartridges with Lexmark Printer


If you’re using a Lexmark printer with recycled/remanufactured cartridges, here’s something important for you. You need to evade new updates in order to keep on using your Lexmark printer with recycled/refilled cartridges. All firmware updates being given by Lexmark lock out the third party recycled cartridges.

It is advised to the users of Lexmark printer to SAY NO to any software upgrade. Generally, the update messages say – to improve the performance of your printer, the update is essential – but once you have accepted the upgrade, it will only work with ORIGINAL Lexmark cartridges. And the upgrade cannot be undone. Thereby, it is important for you to stop and cancel all the printer software updates, if you want to keep on getting cheaper printing experience as the prices of original Lexmark cartridges are too high.

Most of the consumers, on different web portals and forums, have claimed that it is an anti-competitive policy and they are thinking of moving to some other printer brand. But, moving to another brand is not a solution. By skipping the frequent upgrades one can continue using cheap refilled or recycled cartridges with Lexmark printer.

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