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Cracking The HP CF412X Secret


If you are the lover of your HP CF412X toner cartridge you would know what amazing quality it delivers. Talking of the quality, you also know how much money you pay to get that quality and when your printer says ‘the ink is over’ how do you feel? The feeling is infuriating even more because you know the ink is not over and you still have toner in the cartridge but you can’t use it. Read the rest of this entry »

Why So Much Of HP CF411X Cartridges For Leftover?


When you are a printer owner, you surely know the pain of HP CF411X toner wastage and there is no way to neglect the truth. When you want to use the toner, you will constantly get the message saying ‘it’s time to change the cartridge’. No matter how you dismiss the message and keep printing, once your printer will stop working apart from having enough ink. Read the rest of this entry »

Reasons Why Quality of HP CF226X is Much More Important Than Quantity


Would you like to use a toner cartridge where you don’t have to worry about your documentations and the photos printed using it? The answer is clear, who doesn’t want such a product? People using HP CF226X observed that clone inks using third-party vendors can also work but also there are lot of complains it as well. The complains happen because of the reason that not all the vendors people choose are the right ones to trust and therefore, the risk-free way is to choose the original brand toners. Read the rest of this entry »

HP CF410X: The Toner Worth Spending Money For


There are various printers in the market but when you ask for good features and advantages to be offered, you hear HP CF410X. It is the universal truth because this model does not only offer best features in the printer but the toners available for the printer is quality proven and known to be one of the most popular ones. Read the rest of this entry »

The Efficiency Of HP CF226A Toner Cartridge


When we talk about toner, popularity of the printer sales is co-related to the popularity of the cartridges surely. Printer is the device which can help in printing the material faster than writing manually and for that, it is necessary to buy the toner or ink when you are buying the printer as well. A toner cartridge like HP CF226A is the consumable component of a laser printer and without the cartridge, the printer is utterly useless and just an empty device. Read the rest of this entry »

Reliability Is The Key To HP CF325X Replacement


Printers and cartridges are crucial to the printing process surely but also what is important is the toner. HP CF325X being one of the most critical toners in the industry, if you are searching for the replacement of this toner, you must find out advantages it offers. The key formula to find replacement for anything is to compare the advantages and what more or less are you getting from the replacement. Read the rest of this entry »

Canon PIXMA MG5520 Cartridges – Choose OEM or Compatible One


Everyone is well aware of the importance and value of inkjet cartridges because they are like a fuel tank. If run dry, your car will be useless. It comes inbuilt in a new printer and experts refill it again and again by using a refill kit. Some users prefer to use compatible and refurbished cartridges that are ideal and economical to use.

Choose Canon Inkjet Cartridge as per Printer Model

For Canon printers that are known for high page yield and durability, selection of the right inkjet cartridge can be confusing because of thousands of models are available in the market. There is no denying the fact that determining the correct ink cartridge for use with a particular model of canon printer can be daunting due to large number of Canon printer modes and ink cartridges designs available. The leading and top brand in the printing industry provides an ink finder tool on its main website to know about all printer and inkjet cartridge models to choose the best one according to your choice. It is the best source to help you allow looking up compatible cartridges for its printers. In addition to this, users can also look for compatible cartridges organized by printer series or by endowing with printer’s specific model number. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Change the Chip on a Canon Ink Cartridge


The attached instructions will work on all chipped Canon ink cartridges (including the PGI 5 / CLI 8 / PGI 220 / CLI221 / PGI 225 / CLI 226 / PGI 250 / CLI 251 ink cartridges):

1. Identify the location of the existing chip on the underside of the cartridge. You will notice that it is held in place with 4 protruding pieces of plastic shown by the red circles in the image below. Using a sharp object such as a knife (be careful not to cut yourself!), gently pry away at the plastic protrusions. Read the rest of this entry »

Is all Epson Ultrachrome Ink Made the Same?


Epson Ultrachrome ink gives more vivid colors but you can not use the same ink for all printer models that use “ultrachrome” ink because they have different ink specifications and colors. For example, the Epson 4000, R1800 and workforce 4530 all use “ultrachrome ink”. However, there are differences in the ink formulations.

The epson 4000 printer is a basic wide format printer, this is a older model so the ink price is lower. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Resolve: Cartridge is Not Recognized Error of Epson Printer


What to do when your Epson printer gives you an error that “Cartridge is not recognized” or is asking you to “Replace Cartridge” but you still have some ink left.

When you get the “Replace Cartridge “or “Cartridge not recognized” message, follow these steps:

1. Press the OK button on the printer, open the scanner unit cover, and then remove the plastic part from the sensor slot so that the cartridges move into the replacement position. Read the rest of this entry »