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My Ink Colors are Not Printing Correctly


If the colors you are printing are not coming out correctly (for example, your prints are too pink, or too blue, or too green, or simply not looking like what they are intended to look like), the first suspect should be your printheads.  Printheads can be on the printer, or or on the cartridge, and these are represented by tiny nozzles that fire the ink droplets to the paper.  If printheads are clogged, the ink can not get through the nozzles, and the result is that the colors that you intend to print to not make it to the paper.

First, you need to determine if the printheads are on your cartridge or on your printer.  Please refer to this article for how to make this determination, and also what to do to unclog them: How to Successfully Unclog your Printer Nozzles

Let’s give an example of when the printheads are in the printer (as is the case for example with all Epson, all Brother and all Kodak printers, as well as most Canon printers).  When printheads are in the printer, the printer has a print head cleaning function that allows you to clean the heads.  But first, you need to determine IF the heads are clogged.  How do you make this determination?  You need to print each primary color INDIVIDUALLY so you can see which cartridge (or with printhead) is clogged.

So, first, you need to do a print head nozzle check (which is a function on the printer that asks the printer to print the primary colors: Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow).  Alternatively, you can print the attached primary color charts, to see if the colors print out as expected.  If a printhead is clogged, you may find that 1 of the colors (but not necessarily all) will not print correctly.

Let’s say you identify that your magenta color is not printing correctly (which would cause bluish tints on your prints), now you know the problem, and you can attempt to resolve it, by doing a print head cleaning cycle or 2 with your printer (you could also run some cleaning solution through the printer).

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