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Why You Should Consider Recycled or Remanufactured Cartridges


If you buy a new cartridge for every time, then be concerned and think about the other alternatives available in the market. Why the manufacturer recycle the process of manufacturing of a cartridge. Just for money? No. They do this to save their environment. Yes you read it right. You may be wondering reading this [...]

Save Nature Use Remanufactured Cartridges!


Did you know it takes over a thousand years for a plastic cartridge casing to get completely decomposed. Did you also know that about 250 million pieces of discarded cartridges are potted into landfills per month, globally? It is a serious data to worry about. It is really a triggering situation, when we all should [...]

Recycled Printer Cartridges: Use or Not


Recycled Printer cartridges have emerged as one of the most affordable ways to get better and cheaper printouts. These are original printer cartridges that are prepared by the giant OEMs. These cartridges are sold at brand stores and some recognized retail stores and websites. One must not consider buying recycled cartridges from recognized stores only, [...]

Are Remanufactured Ink Cartridges Subject to Printing Issues?


While some claim that re-manufactured ink cartridges are subject to more problems, including smearing and malfunctions, this could be more than that from the truth. The re-manufactured cartridges are taken separately, tested and then refilled before they are sold. Companies selling these types of cartridges not only guarantee their customers 30%-70% savings, but also stand [...]