Hp Bulk Printer Ink

Re-inks Hp ink cartridges are designed to work with specific Hp printers. Our Hp inks are 100% guaranteed and factory tested to meet original specifications. Our ink quality is unsurpassed and buying in bulk saves you money!

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Business Inkjet 1000Business Inkjet 1100Business Inkjet 1200
Business Inkjet 2200Business Inkjet 2230Business Inkjet 2250
Business Inkjet 2280Business Inkjet 2300Business Inkjet 2600
Business Inkjet 2800Business Inkjet 3000Color Copier 110
Color Copier 120Color Copier 140Color Copier 145
Color Copier 150Color Copier 155Color Copier 160
Color Copier 170Color Copier 180Color Copier 190
Color Copier 210Color Copier 260Color Copier 270
Color Copier 280Color Copier 290Color Inkjet cp1160
Color Inkjet cp1700CopyjetCopyjet M
Designjet 10000sDesignjet 100plusDesignjet 1050c
Designjet 1055cmDesignjet 10psDesignjet 110
Designjet 111Designjet 120Designjet 130
Designjet 200Designjet 2000Designjet 20ps
Designjet 220Designjet 230Designjet 2500
Designjet 250CDesignjet 2800Designjet 30
Designjet 3000Designjet 330Designjet 3500
Designjet 350CDesignjet 3800Designjet 4000
Designjet 4020Designjet 430Designjet 4500
Designjet 450cDesignjet 4520Designjet 455ca
Designjet 488caDesignjet 500Designjet 5000
Designjet 50psDesignjet 510Designjet 5500
Designjet 600Designjet 650cDesignjet 70
Designjet 700Designjet 750cDesignjet 755cm
Designjet 800Designjet 8000Designjet 815
Designjet 820Designjet 90Designjet 9000s
Designjet ColorproDesignjet Copier cc800psDesignjet L25500
Designjet PlotterDesignjet T1100Designjet T1120
Designjet T120Designjet T1200Designjet T1300
Designjet T1500Designjet T1530Designjet T2300
Designjet T2500Designjet T2530Designjet T3500
Designjet T520Designjet T610Designjet T620
Designjet T7200Designjet T730Designjet T770
Designjet T790Designjet T795Designjet T920
Designjet Z5400Designjet Z6600Designjet Z6800
Deskjet 1000Deskjet 1010Deskjet 1050
Deskjet 1100cDeskJet 1110DeskJet 1112
Deskjet 1120cDeskjet 1125cDeskjet 1180c
Deskjet 1200cDeskjet 1220cDeskjet 1510
Deskjet 1512Deskjet 1513Deskjet 1600c
Deskjet 2000Deskjet 2010Deskjet 2050
Deskjet 2060Deskjet 2130Deskjet 2132
Deskjet 2320Deskjet 2330Deskjet 2360
Deskjet 2510Deskjet 2512Deskjet 2514
Deskjet 2540Deskjet 2541Deskjet 2542
Deskjet 2543Deskjet 2549Deskjet 300
Deskjet 3000Deskjet 3050Deskjet 3051A
Deskjet 3052ADeskjet 3054Deskjet 3055
Deskjet 3070A EuropeDeskjet 310Deskjet 320
Deskjet 3320Deskjet 3322Deskjet 340
Deskjet 3420Deskjet 3425Deskjet 3450
Deskjet 350Deskjet 3510Deskjet 3511
Deskjet 3512Deskjet 3515Deskjet 3516
Deskjet 3520 e-All-in-OneDeskjet 3521Deskjet 3522
Deskjet 3535Deskjet 3550Deskjet 3620
Deskjet 3630Deskjet 3632Deskjet 3633
Deskjet 3634Deskjet 3650Deskjet 3651
Deskjet 3653Deskjet 3740Deskjet 3745
Deskjet 3747Deskjet 3755Deskjet 3820
Deskjet 3843Deskjet 3845Deskjet 3847
Deskjet 3910Deskjet 3915Deskjet 3918
Deskjet 3920Deskjet 3930Deskjet 3938
Deskjet 3940Deskjet 3945Deskjet 400
Deskjet 4140Deskjet 4160Deskjet 420
Deskjet 450Deskjet 460Deskjet 500
Deskjet 510Deskjet 5150Deskjet 520
Deskjet 540Deskjet 5420Deskjet 5440
Deskjet 5442Deskjet 5443Deskjet 550
Deskjet 5550Deskjet 5551Deskjet 560
Deskjet 5650Deskjet 5740Deskjet 5743
Deskjet 5745Deskjet 5748Deskjet 5850
Deskjet 5940Deskjet 600Deskjet 610
Deskjet 6122Deskjet 6127Deskjet 612c
Deskjet 630cDeskjet 632cDeskjet 640c
Deskjet 642cDeskjet 648cDeskjet 6520
Deskjet 6540Deskjet 656cDeskjet 660c
Deskjet 6620Deskjet 670cDeskjet 672c
Deskjet 680cDeskjet 682cDeskjet 6830
Deskjet 6840Deskjet 690cDeskjet 692c
Deskjet 693cDeskjet 6940Deskjet 694c
Deskjet 695cDeskjet 697cDeskjet 6980
Deskjet 6988Deskjet 710cDeskjet 712c
Deskjet 720cDeskjet 722cDeskjet 810c
Deskjet 812cDeskjet 815cDeskjet 820c
Deskjet 825cDeskjet 830cDeskjet 832c
Deskjet 840cDeskjet 841cDeskjet 842c
Deskjet 843cDeskjet 845cDeskjet 850c
Deskjet 855cDeskjet 870cDeskjet 880c
Deskjet 882cDeskjet 885Deskjet 890c
Deskjet 895cDeskjet 920cDeskjet 9300
Deskjet 930cDeskjet 932cDeskjet 935c
Deskjet 940cDeskjet 950cDeskjet 952c
Deskjet 955cDeskjet 959cDeskjet 960c
Deskjet 9650Deskjet 9670Deskjet 9680
Deskjet 970cDeskjet 980Deskjet 9800
Deskjet 990cDeskjet 995cDeskjet D1320
Deskjet D1330Deskjet D1338Deskjet D1341
Deskjet D1360Deskjet D1420Deskjet D1430
Deskjet D1445Deskjet D1455Deskjet D1560
Deskjet D1660Deskjet D1660 EuropeDeskjet D1663
Deskjet D2320Deskjet D2330Deskjet D2345
Deskjet D2360Deskjet D2368Deskjet D2430
Deskjet D2445Deskjet D2460Deskjet D2500 Series
Deskjet D2530Deskjet D2545Deskjet D2560
Deskjet D2560 EuropeDeskjet D2660Deskjet D2660 Europe
Deskjet D2680Deskjet D3160Deskjet D4135
Deskjet D4140Deskjet D4145Deskjet D4150
Deskjet D4155Deskjet D4160Deskjet D4180
Deskjet D4260Deskjet D4280Deskjet D4360
Deskjet D5560 EuropeDeskjet F2110Deskjet F2120
Deskjet F2128Deskjet F2140Deskjet F2149
Deskjet F2180Deskjet F2185Deskjet F2187
Deskjet F2188Deskjet F2210Deskjet F2224
Deskjet F2235Deskjet F2240Deskjet F2275
Deskjet F2280Deskjet F2290Deskjet F2420 Europe
Deskjet F2430Deskjet F2480Deskjet F2480 Europe
Deskjet F2492 EuropeDeskJet F300 SeriesDeskjet F310
Deskjet F325Deskjet F335Deskjet F340
Deskjet F350Deskjet F370Deskjet F375
Deskjet F378Deskjet F380Deskjet F385
Deskjet F388Deskjet F390Deskjet F394
Deskjet F4135Deskjet F4140Deskjet F4150
Deskjet F4172Deskjet F4175Deskjet F4180
Deskjet F4185Deskjet F4188Deskjet F4190
Deskjet F4194Deskjet F4200 SeriesDeskjet F4210
Deskjet F4210 EuropeDeskjet F4230Deskjet F4235
Deskjet F4240Deskjet F4250Deskjet F4272
Deskjet F4272 EuropeDeskjet F4273Deskjet F4274
Deskjet F4275Deskjet F4280Deskjet F4280 Europe
Deskjet F4283Deskjet F4288Deskjet F4292
Deskjet F4293Deskjet F4400 SeriesDeskjet F4435
Deskjet F4440Deskjet F4480Deskjet F4500 Europe
Deskjet F4580Deskjet F4580 EuropeDeskjet portable
DeskwriterDeskwriter 310Deskwriter 320
Deskwriter 400Deskwriter 500cDeskwriter 510
Deskwriter 520Deskwriter 540Deskwriter 550c
Deskwriter 560cDeskwriter 600Deskwriter 660c
Deskwriter 680cDeskwriter 694cDeskwriter c
Digital Copier 310Digital Copier 410Digital Copier 610
E-printerENVY 100ENVY 110
ENVY 111ENVY 114ENVY 120
ENVY 121ENVY 4500ENVY 4501
ENVY 4502ENVY 4504ENVY 4505
ENVY 4512ENVY 4520ENVY 4522
ENVY 5530ENVY 5531ENVY 5535
ENVY 5540ENVY 5542ENVY 5544
ENVY 5545ENVY 5640ENVY 5642
ENVY 5643ENVY 5660ENVY 5665
ENVY 7640ENVY 7645ENVY 8000
Fax 1010Fax 1020Fax 1040
Fax 1050Fax 1220Fax 1230
Fax 1240Fax 1250Fax 200
Fax 2140Fax 300Fax 310
Fax 3180Fax 330Fax 340
Fax 350Fax 640Fax 650
Fax 700Fax 750Fax 800
Fax 900Fax 910Fax 920
Fax 925Fax 950Latex 110
Latex 210Latex 260Latex 280
Latex 3000Latex 310Latex 3100
Latex 330Latex 3500Latex 360
Latex 370Latex 820Latex 850
OfficejetOfficejet 100 MobileOfficejet 150 Mobile
OfficeJet 200 MobileOfficejet 2620Officejet 2622
Officejet 300Officejet 310Officejet 320
Officejet 330Officejet 350Officejet 3830
Officejet 4105Officejet 4110Officejet 4115
Officejet 4211Officejet 4212Officejet 4215
Officejet 4219Officejet 4251Officejet 4252
Officejet 4255Officejet 4259Officejet 4300 Series
Officejet 4310Officejet 4311Officejet 4312
Officejet 4314Officejet 4315Officejet 4317
Officejet 4319Officejet 4350Officejet 4352
Officejet 4353Officejet 4355Officejet 4357
Officejet 4359Officejet 4500Officejet 4620
Officejet 4622Officejet 4630Officejet 4632
Officejet 4635Officejet 4650OfficeJet 4652
OfficeJet 4654OfficeJet 4655Officejet 500
Officejet 5105Officejet 5110Officejet 520
Officejet 5500 SeriesOfficejet 5505Officejet 5508
Officejet 5510Officejet 5515Officejet 5600 Series
Officejet 5605Officejet 5608Officejet 5609
Officejet 5610Officejet 5615Officejet 570
Officejet 5740Officejet 5741Officejet 5742
Officejet 5743Officejet 5745Officejet 5746
Officejet 580Officejet 590Officejet 600
Officejet 6000Officejet 610Officejet 6100
Officejet 6105Officejet 6110Officejet 6200
Officejet 6210Officejet 630Officejet 6310
Officejet 635Officejet 6500A PlusOfficejet 6600
Officejet 6700 PremiumOfficejet 6812Officejet 700
Officejet 7000Officejet 710Officejet 7100
Officejet 7110 Wide FormatOfficejet 7115Officejet 7130
Officejet 7135Officejet 7140Officejet 720
Officejet 7210Officejet 725Officejet 7310
Officejet 7408Officejet 7410Officejet 7500
OfficeJet 7610OfficeJet 7612Officejet 8040
Officejet 9100 SeriesOfficejet 9110Officejet 9120
Officejet 9130Officejet D125Officejet D135
Officejet D145Officejet D155Officejet G55
Officejet G85Officejet G95Officejet H470
Officejet J3600Officejet J3680Officejet J4500
Officejet J4540Officejet J4550Officejet J4580
Officejet J4640Officejet J4680Officejet J5700 Series
Officejet J5725Officejet J5730Officejet J5735
Officejet J5738Officejet J5740Officejet J5750
Officejet J5780Officejet J5783Officejet J5785
Officejet J5788Officejet J5790Officejet J6400 Series
Officejet J6410Officejet J6413Officejet J6415
Officejet J6450Officejet J6480Officejet K60
Officejet K80Officejet L7480Officejet LX
Officejet Pro 1150Officejet Pro 1170Officejet Pro 1175
Officejet Pro 251Officejet Pro 276OfficeJet Pro 3610
OfficeJet Pro 3620Officejet Pro 6220Officejet Pro 6230
Officejet Pro 6500Officejet Pro 6500 WirelessOfficejet Pro 6830
Officejet Pro 6835OfficeJet Pro 6960OfficeJet Pro 6968
OfficeJet Pro 6978Officejet Pro 8000Officejet Pro 8000 ePrinter
Officejet Pro 8000 WirelessOfficejet Pro 8100 ePrinterOfficejet Pro 8200
Officejet Pro 8210Officejet Pro 8216Officejet Pro 8218
Officejet Pro 8500Officejet Pro 8500AOfficejet Pro 8500A Plus
Officejet Pro 8500A PremiumOfficejet Pro 8500A WirelessOfficejet Pro 8600
Officejet Pro 8600 PlusOfficejet Pro 8600 PremiumOfficejet Pro 8610
Officejet Pro 8615Officejet Pro 8620Officejet Pro 8625
Officejet Pro 8630Officejet Pro 8640Officejet Pro 8660
Officejet Pro 8700Officejet Pro 8710Officejet Pro 8714
Officejet Pro 8715Officejet Pro 8716Officejet Pro 8717
Officejet Pro 8720Officejet Pro 8724Officejet Pro 8725
Officejet Pro 8726Officejet Pro 8727Officejet Pro 8728
Officejet Pro 8730Officejet Pro 8734Officejet Pro 8736
Officejet Pro 8740Officejet Pro 8743Officejet Pro 8744
Officejet Pro 8745Officejet Pro 8746Officejet Pro 8747
Officejet Pro K5400Officejet Pro K550Officejet Pro K850
Officejet Pro K8600Officejet Pro L7000Officejet Pro L7400
Officejet Pro L7500 SeriesOfficejet Pro L7550Officejet Pro L7555
Officejet Pro L7580Officejet Pro L7590Officejet Pro L7600 Series
Officejet Pro L7650Officejet Pro L7680Officejet Pro L7700 Series
Officejet Pro L7750Officejet Pro L7780Officejet Pro X451
Officejet Pro X476Officejet Pro X551Officejet Pro X576
Officejet R40Officejet R45Officejet R60
Officejet R65Officejet R80Officejet T45
Officejet T65Officejet V30Officejet V40
Officejet V45Officejet VPOfficejet X555 Enterprise
Officejet X585 EnterprisePageWide Enterprise Color 556PageWide Enterprise Color MFP 586
PageWide Enterprise Color MFP Flow 586PageWide Pro 300PageWide Pro 352
PageWide Pro 377PageWide Pro 400PageWide Pro 452
PageWide Pro 477PageWide Pro 500PageWide Pro 552
PageWide Pro 577Photosmart 100Photosmart 1000
Photosmart 1100Photosmart 1115Photosmart 1215
Photosmart 1218Photosmart 130Photosmart 1315
Photosmart 145Photosmart 230Photosmart 245
Photosmart 2570Photosmart 2575Photosmart 2600 Series
Photosmart 2610Photosmart 2710Photosmart 3108
Photosmart 3110Photosmart 3210Photosmart 325
Photosmart 3310Photosmart 335Photosmart 375
Photosmart 385Photosmart 422Photosmart 425
Photosmart 428Photosmart 475Photosmart 5510
Photosmart 5510 - B111a EuropePhotosmart 5511Photosmart 5512
Photosmart 5514Photosmart 5515Photosmart 5515 - B111h Europe
Photosmart 5520Photosmart 5522Photosmart 5524
Photosmart 5525Photosmart 6510Photosmart 6510 - B211a
Photosmart 6510 - B211a EuropePhotosmart 6512Photosmart 6515
Photosmart 6520Photosmart 6520 EuropePhotosmart 6525
Photosmart 7150Photosmart 7260Photosmart 7350
Photosmart 745Photosmart 7450Photosmart 7510
Photosmart 7510 - C311a EuropePhotosmart 7515Photosmart 7520
Photosmart 7525Photosmart 7550Photosmart 7660
Photosmart 7755Photosmart 7760Photosmart 7850
Photosmart 7960Photosmart 8030Photosmart 8038
Photosmart 8049Photosmart 8050Photosmart 8150
Photosmart 8250Photosmart 8450Photosmart 8750
Photosmart 8753Photosmart 8758Photosmart A310 Series
Photosmart A320Photosmart A430 SeriesPhotosmart A432
Photosmart A433Photosmart A434Photosmart A436
PhotoSmart A440Photosmart A442Photosmart A444
Photosmart A445Photosmart A446Photosmart A510 Series
Photosmart A516Photosmart A522Photosmart A526
Photosmart A530Photosmart A532Photosmart A536
Photosmart A610 SeriesPhotosmart A616Photosmart A622
Photosmart A626Photosmart A627Photosmart A630
Photosmart A636Photosmart A640 SeriesPhotosmart A646
Photosmart A710 SeriesPhotosmart A716Photosmart A717
PhotoSmart A826Photosmart B010 EuropePhotosmart B109 Europe
Photosmart B110 EuropePhotosmart B8350Photosmart B8550
Photosmart B8550 EuropePhotosmart B8850 EuropePhotosmart C3100
Photosmart C3135Photosmart C3140Photosmart C3150
Photosmart C3180Photosmart C4140Photosmart C4150
Photosmart C4180Photosmart C4210Photosmart C4225
Photosmart C4240Photosmart C4250Photosmart C4280
Photosmart C4285Photosmart C4340Photosmart C4340 Series
Photosmart C4342Photosmart C4343Photosmart C4344
Photosmart C4345Photosmart C4348Photosmart C4380
Photosmart C4382Photosmart C4383Photosmart C4384
Photosmart C4385Photosmart C4400 SeriesPhotosmart C4410
Photosmart C4435Photosmart C4440Photosmart C4450
Photosmart C4470Photosmart C4472Photosmart C4473
Photosmart C4475Photosmart C4480Photosmart C4483
Photosmart C4485Photosmart C4488Photosmart C4493
Photosmart C4494Photosmart C4500Photosmart C4524
Photosmart C4540Photosmart C4550Photosmart C4575
Photosmart C4580Photosmart C4583Photosmart C4585
Photosmart C4588Photosmart C4599Photosmart C4600 Series
Photosmart C4610Photosmart C4635Photosmart C4640
Photosmart C4650Photosmart C4670Photosmart C4673
Photosmart C4680Photosmart C4680 EuropePhotosmart C4683
Photosmart C4685Photosmart C4688Photosmart C4700 Series
Photosmart C4740Photosmart C4750Photosmart C4780
Photosmart C4783Photosmart C4785Photosmart C4788
Photosmart C4793Photosmart C4795Photosmart C4798
Photosmart C4799Photosmart C5060Photosmart C5065
Photosmart C5069Photosmart C5140Photosmart C5145
Photosmart C5150Photosmart C5155Photosmart C5160
Photosmart C5180Photosmart C5225Photosmart C5240
Photosmart C5250Photosmart C5275Photosmart C5280
Photosmart C5283Photosmart C5288Photosmart C5290
Photosmart C5324Photosmart C5324 EuropePhotosmart C5345
Photosmart C5360Photosmart C5370Photosmart C5370 Europe
Photosmart C5373Photosmart C5373 EuropePhotosmart C5380
Photosmart C5380 EuropePhotosmart C5383Photosmart C5383 Europe
Photosmart C5388Photosmart C5388 EuropePhotosmart C5390
Photosmart C5390 EuropePhotosmart C5393Photosmart C5393 Europe
Photosmart C5500 SeriesPhotosmart C5540Photosmart C5550
Photosmart C5570Photosmart C5580Photosmart C6150
Photosmart C6154Photosmart C6160Photosmart C6170
Photosmart C6175Photosmart C6180Photosmart C6183
Photosmart C6185Photosmart C6188Photosmart C6190
PhotoSmart C6240PhotoSmart C6250PhotoSmart C6280
PhotoSmart C6283PhotoSmart C6288PhotoSmart C6324
Photosmart C6324 EuropePhotoSmart C6340PhotoSmart C6350
PhotoSmart C6375PhotoSmart C6380Photosmart C6380 Europe
PhotoSmart C6383PhotoSmart C6388Photosmart C7145
Photosmart C7150Photosmart C7155Photosmart C7160
Photosmart C7170Photosmart C7177Photosmart C7180
Photosmart C7183Photosmart C7186Photosmart C7188
Photosmart C7190Photosmart C7250Photosmart C7260
Photosmart C7275Photosmart C7280Photosmart C7283
Photosmart C7288Photosmart C7345Photosmart C7355
Photosmart C7360Photosmart C7460Photosmart C8150
Photosmart C8180Photosmart C8183Photosmart D5060
Photosmart D5065Photosmart D5069Photosmart D5145
Photosmart D5155Photosmart D5160PhotoSmart D5345
PhotoSmart D5360Photosmart D5430 EuropePhotosmart D5445
Photosmart D5460Photosmart D5460 EuropePhotosmart D5463
Photosmart D5463 EuropePhotosmart D5468Photosmart D6160
Photosmart D7145Photosmart D7155Photosmart D7160
PhotoSmart D7260Photosmart D7345Photosmart D7355
Photosmart D7360Photosmart D7460Photosmart D7560
Photosmart e-All-In-OnePhotoSmart eStationPhotosmart eStation C510 Europe
Photosmart P1000Photosmart P1100Photosmart P1215
Photosmart P1218Photosmart Photo printerPhotosmart Plus
Photosmart Plus B209a EuropePhotosmart Plus B210 EuropePhotoSmart Premium
Photosmart Premium C309 EuropePhotosmart Premium C310 EuropePhotoSmart Premium Fax
Photosmart Premium Fax EuropePhotosmart Premium TouchSmartPhotosmart Premium Web
Photosmart Pro B8330Photosmart Pro B8350Photosmart Pro B8550 Europe
Photosmart Pro B8553Photosmart Pro B8558PSC 1110
PSC 1118PSC 1200PSC 1205
PSC 1209PSC 1210PSC 1310
PSC 1311PSC 1312PSC 1315
PSC 1317PSC 1318PSC 1340
PSC 1345PSC 1350PSC 1355
PSC 1401PSC 1402PSC 1403
PSC 1406PSC 1408PSC 1410
PSC 1415PSC 1417PSC 1507
PSC 1510PSC 1600PSC 1610
PSC 2105PSC 2108PSC 2110
PSC 2115PSC 2150PSC 2170
PSC 2171PSC 2175PSC 2210
PSC 2350PSC 2355PSC 2405
PSC 2410PSC 2510PSC 2610
PSC 2710PSC 370PSC 380
PSC 500PSC 720PSC 750
PSC 760PSC 950Scitex 820
Scitex 850  

Please click on a Cartridge:

02 Black (C8721WN)02 Cyan (C8771WN)02 Light Cyan (C8774WN)
02 Light Magenta (C8775WN)02 Magenta (C8772WN)02 Yellow (C8773WN)
10 Black (C4844A)10 Cyan (C4841A)10 Magenta (C4843A)
10 Yellow (C4842A)11 Cyan (C4836AN)11 Magenta (C4837AN)
11 Yellow (C4838AN)110 (CB304AN)12 Cyan (C4804A)
12 Magenta (C4805A)12 Yellow (C4806A)13 Black (C4814A)
13 Cyan (C4815A)13 Magenta (C4816A)13 Yellow (C4817A)
14 Black (C5011DN)14 Color (C5010DN)15 (C6615DN)
16 (C1816A)17 (C6625AN)19 (C6628AN)
20 (C6614DN)21 (C9351AN)22 (C9352AN)
23 (C1823D)25 (51625A)26 (51626A)
27 (C8727AN)28 (C8728AN)29 (51629A)
300 Black (CC640EE)300 Color (CC643EE)300XL Black (CC641EE)
300XL Color (CC644EE)33 (51633M)34 (C6634AN)
35 (C6635AN)364 Black (CB316EE)364 Cyan (CB318EE)
364 Magenta (CB319EE)364 Yellow (CB320EE)364XL Black (CB321EE)
364XL Cyan (CB323EE)364XL Magenta (CB324EE)364XL Yellow (CB325EE)
40 Black (51640A)40 Cyan (51640C)40 Magenta (51640M)
40 Yellow (51640Y)41 (51641A)44 Cyan (51644C)
44 Magenta (51644M)44 Yellow (51644Y)45 (51645A)
49 (51649A)50 Cyan (51650C)50 Magenta (51650M)
50 Yellow (51650Y)51604 (51604A)51606A
51606C51608 (51608A)54 (CB334AN)
56 (C6656AN)564 Black (CB316WN)564 Cyan (CB318WN)
564 Magenta (CB319WN)564 Yellow (CB320WN)564XL Black (CN684WN)
564XL Cyan (CB323WN)564XL Magenta (CB324WN)564XL Yellow (CB325WN)
57 (C6657AN)58 (C6658AN)60 Black (CC640WN)
60 Color (CC643WN)60XL Black (CC641WN)60XL Color (CC644WN)
61 Black (CH561WA)61 Color (CH562WA)61XL Black (CH563WA)
61XL Color (CH564WA)62 Black (C2P04AN)62 Color (C2P06AN)
62XL Black (C2P05AN)62XL Color (C2P07AN)63 Black (F6U62AN)
63 Color (F6U61AN)63XL Black (F6U64AN)63XL Color (F6U63AN)
65 Black (N9K02AN)65 Color (F6U61AN)65XL Black (N9K03AN)
65XL Color (F6U63AN)701 Black (CC635A)704 Black (CN692A)
704 Color (CN693A)711 Black (CZ129A)711 Cyan (CZ130A)
711 Magenta (CZ131A)711 Yellow (CZ132A)711XL Black (CZ133A)
72 Cyan (C9398A)72 Magenta (C9399A)72 Yellow (C9400A)
727 Cyan (B3P13A)727 Magenta (B3P14A)727 Yellow (B3P15A)
727XL Cyan (B3P19A)727XL Magenta (B3P20A)727XL Yellow (B3P21A)
72XL Cyan (C9371A)72XL Magenta (C9372A)72XL Yellow (C9373A)
74 (CB335WN)74XL (CB336WN)75 (CB337WN)
75XL (CB338WN)761 Cyan (CM994A)761 Magenta (CM993A)
761 Yellow (CM992A)764 Cyan (C1Q13A)764 Magenta (C1Q14A)
764 Yellow (C1Q15A)771 Light Cyan (CE042A)771 Light Magenta (CE041A)
771 Magenta (CE039A)771 Yellow (CE040A)78 (C6578DN)
780 Black (CB285A)780 Cyan (CB286A)780 Light Cyan (CB289A)
780 Light Magenta (CB290A)780 Magenta (CB287A)780 Yellow (CB288A)
789 Black (CH615A)789 Cyan (CH616A)789 Light Cyan (CH619A)
789 Light Magenta (CH620A)789 Magenta (CH617A)789 Yellow (CH618A)
790 Black (CB271A)790 Cyan (CB272A)790 Light Cyan (CB275A)
790 Light Magenta (CB276A)790 Magenta (CB273A)790 Yellow (CB274A)
792 Black (CN705A)792 Cyan (CN706A)792 Light Cyan (CN709A)
792 Light Magenta (CN710A)792 Magenta (CN707A)792 Yellow (CN708A)
80 Black (C4871A)80 Cyan (C4872A)80 Magenta (C4874A)
80 Yellow (C4873A)80XL Cyan (C4846A)80XL Magenta (C4847A)
80XL Yellow (C4848A)81 Black (C4930A)81 Cyan (C4931A)
81 Light Cyan (C4932A)81 Light Magenta (C4934A)81 Magenta (C4933A)
81 Yellow (C4935A)82 Black (CH565A)82 Cyan (CH566A)
82 Magenta (CH567A)82 Yellow (CH568A)821 Black (G0Y89A)
821 Cyan (G0Y86A)821 Light Cyan (G0Y90A)821 Light Magenta (G0Y91A)
821 Magenta (G0Y87A)821 Yellow (G0Y88A)82XL Cyan (C4911A)
82XL Magenta (C4912A)82XL Yellow (C4913A)83 Black (C4940A)
83 Cyan (C4941A)83 Magenta (C4942A)83 Yellow (C4943A)
831A Black (CZ682A)831A Cyan (CZ683A)831A Light Cyan (CZ686A)
831A Light Magenta (CZ687A)831A Magenta (CZ684A)831A Yellow (CZ685A)
84 Black (C5016A)84 Light Cyan (C5017A)84 Light Magenta (C5018A)
844 (C3844A)845 (C3845A)85 Cyan (C9425A)
85 Light Cyan (C9428A)85 Light Magenta (C9429A)85 Magenta (C9426A)
85 Yellow (C9427A)871A Black (G0Y82D)871A Cyan (G0Y79D)
871A Light Cyan (G0Y83D)871A Light Magenta (G0Y84D)871A Magenta (G0Y80D)
871A Yellow (G0Y81D)88 Black (C9385AN)88 Cyan (C9386AN)
88 Magenta (C9387AN)88 Yellow (C9388AN)881 Black (CR334A)
881 Cyan (CR331A)881 Light Cyan (CR335A)881 Light Magenta (CR336A)
881 Magenta (CR332A)881 Yellow (CR333A)88XL Black (C9396AN)
88XL Cyan (C9391AN)88XL Magenta (C9392AN)88XL Yellow (C9393AN)
891 Black (G0Y75A)891 Cyan (G0Y72A)891 Light Cyan (G0Y76A)
891 Light Magenta (G0Y77A)891 Magenta (G0Y73A)891 Yellow (G0Y74A)
90 Black (C5058A)90 Cyan (C5060A)90 Magenta (C5062A)
90 Yellow (C5064A)901 Black (CC653AN)901 Color (CC656AN)
901XL Black (CC654AN)902 Black (T6L98AN)902 Cyan (T6L86AN)
902 Magenta (T6L90AN)902 Yellow (T6L94AN)902XL Black (T6M14AN)
902XL Cyan (T6M02AN)902XL Magenta (T6M06AN)902XL Yellow (T6M10AN)
906XL Black (T6M18AN)90XL Black (C5059A)90XL Cyan (C5061A)
90XL Magenta (C5063A)90XL Yellow (C5065A)92 (C9362WN)
920 Black (CD971AN)920 Cyan (CH634AN)920 Magenta (CH635AN)
920 Yellow (CH636AN)920XL Black (CD975AN)920XL Cyan (CD972AN)
920XL Magenta (CD973AN)920XL Yellow (CD974AN)93 (C9361WN)
932 Black (CN057AN)932XL Black (CN053AN)933 Cyan (CN058AN)
933 Magenta (CN059AN)933 Yellow (CN060AN)933XL Cyan (CN054AN)
933XL Magenta (CN055AN)933XL Yellow (CN056AN)934 Black (C2P19AN)
934XL Black (C2P23AN)935 Cyan (C2P20AN)935 Magenta (C2P21AN)
935 Yellow (C2P22AN)935XL Cyan (C2P24AN)935XL Magenta (C2P25AN)
935XL Yellow (C2P26AN)94 (C8765WN)940 Black (C4902AN)
940 Cyan (C4903AN)940 Magenta (C4904AN)940 Yellow (C4905AN)
940XL Black (C4906AN)940XL Cyan (C4907AN)940XL Magenta (C4908AN)
940XL Yellow (C4909AN)95 (C8766WN)950 Black (CN049AN)
950XL Black (CN045AN)951 Cyan (CN050AN)951 Magenta (CN051AN)
951 Yellow (CN052AN)951XL Cyan (CN046AN)951XL Magenta (CN047AN)
951XL Yellow (CN048AN)952 Black (F6U15AN)952 Cyan (L0S49AN)
952 Magenta (L0S52AN)952 Yellow (L0S55AN)952XL Black (F6U19AN)
952XL Cyan (L0S61AN)952XL Magenta (L0S64AN)952XL Yellow (L0S67AN)
956XL Black (L0R39AN)96 (C8767WN)960 Black (CZ665A)
960XL Black (CZ666A)97 (C9363WN)970 Black (CN621AM)
970XL Black (CN625AM)971 Cyan (CN622AM)971 Magenta (CN623AM)
971 Yellow (CN624AM)971XL Cyan (CN626AM)971XL Magenta (CN627AM)
971XL Yellow (CN628AM)972A Black (F6T80AN)972A Cyan (L0R86AN)
972A Magenta (L0R89AN)972A Yellow (L0R92AN)972X Black (F6T84AN)
972X Cyan (L0R98AN)972X Magenta (L0S01AN)972X Yellow (L0S04AN)
976Y Black (L0R08A)976Y Cyan (L0R05A)976Y Magenta (L0R06A)
976Y Yellow (L0R07A)98 (C9364WN)980 Black (D8J10A)
980 Cyan (D8J07A)980 Magenta (D8J08A)980 Yellow (D8J09A)
981A Black (J3M71A)981A Cyan (J3M68A)981A Magenta (J3M69A)
981A Yellow (J3M70A)981X Black (L0R12A)981X Cyan (L0R09A)
981X Magenta (L0R10A)981X Yellow (L0R11A)981Y Black (L0R16A)
981Y Cyan (L0R13A)981Y Magenta (L0R14A)981Y Yellow (L0R15A)
99 (C9369WN)C1806AC1807A
LX610 Black (CN673A)LX610 Cyan (CN670A)LX610 Light Cyan (CN674A)
LX610 Light Magenta (CN675A)LX610 Magenta (CN671A)LX610 Yellow (CN672A)
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