Hp Combo-Pac Inkjet Cartridge Deals

Re-inks Hp cartridges are designed to work with specific Hp printers. Our high-quality Comb-Pac deals save you money on Hp ink and are backed by our 100% guarantee.

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Color Copier 110Color Copier 120Color Copier 140
Color Copier 145Color Copier 150Color Copier 155
Color Copier 160Color Copier 170Color Copier 180
Color Copier 190Color Copier 210Color Copier 260
Color Copier 270Color Copier 280Color Copier 290
Color LaserJet 3500Color LaserJet 3550Color LaserJet 3700
Designjet 700Designjet L25500Designjet T120
Designjet T520Deskjet 1000Deskjet 1010
Deskjet 1050Deskjet 1100cDeskJet 1110
DeskJet 1112Deskjet 1120cDeskjet 1125c
Deskjet 1180cDeskjet 1220cDeskjet 1510
Deskjet 1512Deskjet 1513Deskjet 1600c
Deskjet 2000Deskjet 2050Deskjet 2130
Deskjet 2132Deskjet 2510Deskjet 2512
Deskjet 2514Deskjet 2540Deskjet 2541
Deskjet 2542Deskjet 2543Deskjet 2549
Deskjet 3000Deskjet 3050Deskjet 3051A
Deskjet 3052ADeskjet 3054Deskjet 3055
Deskjet 3510Deskjet 3511Deskjet 3512
Deskjet 3515Deskjet 3516Deskjet 3520 e-All-in-One
Deskjet 3521Deskjet 3522Deskjet 3630
Deskjet 3632Deskjet 3633Deskjet 3634
Deskjet 3820Deskjet 460Deskjet 5150
Deskjet 5550Deskjet 5551Deskjet 5650
Deskjet 5740Deskjet 5743Deskjet 5745
Deskjet 5748Deskjet 5850Deskjet 6122
Deskjet 6127Deskjet 6520Deskjet 6540
Deskjet 6620Deskjet 6830Deskjet 6840
Deskjet 710cDeskjet 712cDeskjet 720c
Deskjet 722cDeskjet 810cDeskjet 812c
Deskjet 815cDeskjet 820cDeskjet 830c
Deskjet 832cDeskjet 850cDeskjet 855c
Deskjet 870cDeskjet 880cDeskjet 882c
Deskjet 885Deskjet 890cDeskjet 895c
Deskjet 920cDeskjet 9300Deskjet 930c
Deskjet 932cDeskjet 935cDeskjet 940c
Deskjet 950cDeskjet 952cDeskjet 955c
Deskjet 959cDeskjet 960cDeskjet 9650
Deskjet 9670Deskjet 9680Deskjet 970c
Deskjet 980Deskjet 9800Deskjet 990c
Deskjet 995cDeskjet D1660Deskjet D1663
Deskjet D2500 SeriesDeskjet D2530Deskjet D2545
Deskjet D2560Deskjet D2660Deskjet D2680
Deskjet D4135Deskjet D4140Deskjet D4180
Deskjet D4260Deskjet D4280Deskjet D4360
Deskjet F2430Deskjet F2480Deskjet F4200 Series
Deskjet F4210Deskjet F4230Deskjet F4235
Deskjet F4240Deskjet F4250Deskjet F4272
Deskjet F4273Deskjet F4274Deskjet F4275
Deskjet F4280Deskjet F4283Deskjet F4288
Deskjet F4292Deskjet F4293Deskjet F4400 Series
Deskjet F4435Deskjet F4440Deskjet F4480
Deskjet F4580Digital Copier 310Digital Copier 410
ENVY 100ENVY 110ENVY 111
ENVY 114ENVY 120ENVY 121
ENVY 4500ENVY 4501ENVY 4502
ENVY 4504ENVY 4505ENVY 4512
ENVY 4520ENVY 4522ENVY 5530
ENVY 5531ENVY 5535ENVY 5540
ENVY 5542ENVY 5544ENVY 5545
ENVY 5640ENVY 5642ENVY 5643
ENVY 5660ENVY 5665ENVY 7640
ENVY 7645ENVY 8000Fax 1220
Fax 1230Latex 210Latex 260
Latex 280Officejet 100 MobileOfficejet 150 Mobile
OfficeJet 200 MobileOfficejet 2620Officejet 2622
Officejet 3830Officejet 4105Officejet 4110
Officejet 4115Officejet 4211Officejet 4212
Officejet 4215Officejet 4219Officejet 4251
Officejet 4252Officejet 4255Officejet 4259
Officejet 4620Officejet 4622Officejet 4630
Officejet 4632Officejet 4635Officejet 4650
OfficeJet 4652OfficeJet 4654OfficeJet 4655
Officejet 5105Officejet 5110Officejet 5500 Series
Officejet 5505Officejet 5508Officejet 5510
Officejet 5515Officejet 5740Officejet 5741
Officejet 5742Officejet 5743Officejet 5745
Officejet 5746Officejet 6000Officejet 6100
Officejet 6105Officejet 6110Officejet 6200
Officejet 6210Officejet 6500A PlusOfficejet 6600
Officejet 6700 PremiumOfficejet 6812Officejet 7000
Officejet 7110 Wide FormatOfficejet 7210Officejet 7310
Officejet 7408Officejet 7410Officejet 7500
OfficeJet 7610OfficeJet 7612Officejet 8040
Officejet G55Officejet G85Officejet G95
Officejet H470Officejet J5700 SeriesOfficejet J5725
Officejet J5730Officejet J5735Officejet J5738
Officejet J5740Officejet J5750Officejet J5780
Officejet J5783Officejet J5785Officejet J5788
Officejet J5790Officejet J6400 SeriesOfficejet J6410
Officejet J6413Officejet J6415Officejet J6450
Officejet J6480Officejet K60Officejet K80
Officejet L7480Officejet Pro 1150Officejet Pro 1170
Officejet Pro 1175Officejet Pro 251Officejet Pro 276
Officejet Pro 6220Officejet Pro 6230Officejet Pro 6500
Officejet Pro 6500 WirelessOfficejet Pro 6830Officejet Pro 6835
Officejet Pro 8000Officejet Pro 8000 ePrinterOfficejet Pro 8000 Wireless
Officejet Pro 8100 ePrinterOfficejet Pro 8500Officejet Pro 8500A
Officejet Pro 8500A PlusOfficejet Pro 8500A PremiumOfficejet Pro 8500A Wireless
Officejet Pro 8600Officejet Pro 8600 PlusOfficejet Pro 8600 Premium
Officejet Pro 8610Officejet Pro 8615Officejet Pro 8620
Officejet Pro 8625Officejet Pro 8630Officejet Pro 8640
Officejet Pro 8660Officejet Pro K5400Officejet Pro K550
Officejet Pro K8600Officejet Pro L7000Officejet Pro L7400
Officejet Pro L7500 SeriesOfficejet Pro L7550Officejet Pro L7555
Officejet Pro L7580Officejet Pro L7590Officejet Pro L7600 Series
Officejet Pro L7650Officejet Pro L7680Officejet Pro L7700 Series
Officejet Pro L7750Officejet Pro L7780Officejet R40
Officejet R45Officejet R60Officejet R65
Officejet R80Officejet T45Officejet T65
Officejet V30Officejet V40Officejet V45
Photosmart 100Photosmart 1000Photosmart 1100
Photosmart 1115Photosmart 1215Photosmart 1218
Photosmart 130Photosmart 1315Photosmart 145
Photosmart 230Photosmart 245Photosmart 2600 Series
Photosmart 2610Photosmart 2710Photosmart 3108
Photosmart 3110Photosmart 3210Photosmart 3310
Photosmart 5510Photosmart 5511Photosmart 5512
Photosmart 5514Photosmart 5515Photosmart 5520
Photosmart 5522Photosmart 5524Photosmart 5525
Photosmart 6510Photosmart 6510 - B211aPhotosmart 6512
Photosmart 6515Photosmart 6520Photosmart 6525
Photosmart 7150Photosmart 7260Photosmart 7350
Photosmart 745Photosmart 7450Photosmart 7510
Photosmart 7515Photosmart 7520Photosmart 7525
Photosmart 7550Photosmart 7660Photosmart 7755
Photosmart 7760Photosmart 7850Photosmart 7960
Photosmart 8150Photosmart 8250Photosmart 8450
Photosmart B8350Photosmart B8550Photosmart C4210
Photosmart C4225Photosmart C4240Photosmart C4250
Photosmart C4280Photosmart C4285Photosmart C4340
Photosmart C4340 SeriesPhotosmart C4342Photosmart C4343
Photosmart C4344Photosmart C4345Photosmart C4348
Photosmart C4380Photosmart C4382Photosmart C4383
Photosmart C4384Photosmart C4385Photosmart C4400 Series
Photosmart C4410Photosmart C4435Photosmart C4440
Photosmart C4450Photosmart C4470Photosmart C4472
Photosmart C4473Photosmart C4475Photosmart C4480
Photosmart C4483Photosmart C4485Photosmart C4488
Photosmart C4493Photosmart C4494Photosmart C4500
Photosmart C4524Photosmart C4540Photosmart C4550
Photosmart C4575Photosmart C4580Photosmart C4583
Photosmart C4585Photosmart C4588Photosmart C4599
Photosmart C4600 SeriesPhotosmart C4610Photosmart C4635
Photosmart C4640Photosmart C4650Photosmart C4670
Photosmart C4673Photosmart C4680Photosmart C4683
Photosmart C4685Photosmart C4688Photosmart C4700 Series
Photosmart C4740Photosmart C4750Photosmart C4780
Photosmart C4783Photosmart C4785Photosmart C4788
Photosmart C4793Photosmart C4795Photosmart C4798
Photosmart C4799Photosmart C5140Photosmart C5150
Photosmart C5180Photosmart C5225Photosmart C5240
Photosmart C5250Photosmart C5275Photosmart C5280
Photosmart C5283Photosmart C5288Photosmart C5290
Photosmart C5324Photosmart C5345Photosmart C5360
Photosmart C5370Photosmart C5373Photosmart C5380
Photosmart C5383Photosmart C5388Photosmart C5390
Photosmart C5393Photosmart C5500 SeriesPhotosmart C5540
Photosmart C5550Photosmart C5570Photosmart C5580
Photosmart C6150Photosmart C6154Photosmart C6160
Photosmart C6170Photosmart C6175Photosmart C6180
Photosmart C6183Photosmart C6185Photosmart C6188
Photosmart C6190PhotoSmart C6240PhotoSmart C6250
PhotoSmart C6280PhotoSmart C6283PhotoSmart C6288
PhotoSmart C6324PhotoSmart C6340PhotoSmart C6350
PhotoSmart C6375PhotoSmart C6380PhotoSmart C6383
PhotoSmart C6388Photosmart C7145Photosmart C7150
Photosmart C7155Photosmart C7160Photosmart C7170
Photosmart C7177Photosmart C7180Photosmart C7183
Photosmart C7186Photosmart C7188Photosmart C7190
Photosmart C7250Photosmart C7260Photosmart C7275
Photosmart C7280Photosmart C7283Photosmart C7288
Photosmart C7345Photosmart C7355Photosmart C7360
Photosmart C7460Photosmart C8150Photosmart C8180
Photosmart C8183PhotoSmart D5345PhotoSmart D5360
Photosmart D5445Photosmart D5460Photosmart D5463
Photosmart D5468Photosmart D6160Photosmart D7145
Photosmart D7155Photosmart D7160PhotoSmart D7260
Photosmart D7345Photosmart D7355Photosmart D7360
Photosmart D7460Photosmart D7560Photosmart e-All-In-One
PhotoSmart eStationPhotosmart P1000Photosmart P1100
Photosmart P1215Photosmart P1218Photosmart Plus
PhotoSmart PremiumPhotoSmart Premium FaxPhotosmart Premium TouchSmart
Photosmart Premium WebPhotosmart Pro B8330Photosmart Pro B8350
Photosmart Pro B8553Photosmart Pro B8558PSC 1110
PSC 1118PSC 1200PSC 1205
PSC 1209PSC 1210PSC 1310
PSC 1311PSC 1312PSC 1315
PSC 1317PSC 1318PSC 1340
PSC 1345PSC 1350PSC 1355
PSC 1600PSC 1610PSC 2105
PSC 2108PSC 2110PSC 2115
PSC 2150PSC 2170PSC 2171
PSC 2175PSC 2210PSC 2350
PSC 2355PSC 2405PSC 2410
PSC 2510PSC 2610PSC 2710
PSC 500PSC 720PSC 750
PSC 760PSC 950 

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23 (C1823D)308A Black309A Cyan
309A Magenta309A Yellow45 (51645A)
57 (C6657AN)74 (CB335WN)74XL (CB336WN)
78 (C6578DN)Q2670AQ2671A
Note: We use printer brand names and manufacturer names for reference only, these are trademarks of the respective companies.